Valentines Necklace Craft for Kids : Cute & Easy

Looking for a Fun, Easy, Valentine’s Day Craft for your Kids to do this year? This Valentines Necklace Craft, I created for kids, is super cute and super easy! They’ll love showing off their beautiful Valentines heart necklace to their friends and family once they have finished their craft.

When I designed this Valentine’s Day Heart Necklace, I purposefully used materials I had at home already, to make it easy for you to replicate as a low-prep, last-minute craft, if you’re short on time. I know I always am!

In my opinion, crafts that can be played with or used after being made are so much more satisfying than those that are merely there for decoration purposes. Anyone else running out of room on the fridge?

My daughter has gotten to a stage where she particularly likes crafts like this that she can use for dress up and play with once she has finished making. A craft and a new toy, all in one!

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What You Need

what you need to make this craft. There are 3 paint bottles, glitter, pom poms, heart stickers, pasta, pva glue, scissors, tape and card and ribbon.

To Make Your Valentines Necklace you need:

  • Card (Pink or Red)
  • Pasta (Use a type with a hole through the centre)
  • Paint (Pink, Red, White)
  • Ribbon (Red or Pink)
  • Glitter
  • PVA Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil / Pen
  • Options for the heart (Big Heart Stickers, Mini Pom Poms, Tissue Paper)

Paint Your Pasta

Image of painting pasta for kids craft. There is a tuff tray underneath to catch the drops of pain and glitter. The pasta is strung up on ribbon from one counter top to another to make it easier to paint all around it. The paint and glitter are set out on the tuff tray table below.

Step 1: Paint the Pasta

When I made this craft, I chose three different colors to paint the pasta; red, pink, white.

To make painting it easier and avoid those fingerprint marks on the paint, I strung my pasta shells up on a spare piece of ribbon from one kitchen cabinet to the other, with my tuff tray underneath to catch the drips (you could use old newspaper instead).

Then, whilst the paint was still wet, I added a sprinkling of glitter to the pasta too.

Make Your Heart

An image of a heart shape cut out of pink card with glue on it and a glue stick, pva glue bottle, and red, pink and white mini pom poms next to it.

Step 2: Make Your Heart

  • Cut a heart shape out of pink or red card.
  • Spread PVA glue onto the front of your heart shape.
  • Add your chosen decoration to it. I am decorating this one with mini pom poms in red, pinks, and white.

Attach the Ribbon

An image of the heart necklace in its last phase before completion. The ribbon has been attached to the decorated heart shape and the painted pasta is sitting beside it,.

Step 3 : Attach the Ribbon

  • To attach the ribbon, the first thing I did was to make a hole at the top, in the middle, of my heart. I did this by placing some blue tac behind my heart and then using a fork prong to piece a hole.
  • Next I cut a piece of ribbon, and threaded it through the hole in the heart. I made a simple knot at the back of the heart to hold the ribbon in place.

Add the Pasta

The finished Valentines day heart necklace craft, the ideal valentines necklace craft for little kids to make at preschool, kindergarten or at the childminders! This valentines necklace craft is made from painted pasta with glitter and a heart shape that is decorated with mini pom poms.

Step 4 : Add the Pasta

  • I threaded on my painted, glittered, pasta in a pattern for fun.
  • Lastly, I tied a knot at the top of the necklace and it’s ready to wear!

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Variations of the Valentines Necklace Craft

There are so many different variations of this Easy Valentine’s Day Heart Necklace Craft.

I have created a number of different versions, just by painting my pasta different colors, using different colors of glitter, and different decorations on the heart itself.

You can also adapt this necklace for different occasions and different seasons. I created a cute Fall version of this necklace using leaves and oranges, browns, reds, and yellow. You can check it out here, and save one of the pins to your Fall Crafts Board in Pinterest!

Easy Valentines Day Heart Necklace Craft

I hope you have lots of fun with your kids as you make and enjoy playing with my Valentine’s Day Necklace Craft.

If you enjoyed making this craft, feel free to share this post with another parent or teacher you know, and check out some of my other Valentine’s Day Crafts below!

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