About Me

Hey! How are you? My name’s Lizzy Fraser.

I’m Mom to two awesome kids (now 6 & 8) and the Founder and Owner of Bravery and Belonging.

I have experience as a Childminder, caring for children from 12 months up, as well as being Mom to my own two kids and Auntie Lizzy to my 6 nieces and nephews.

Becoming a Mom changed my life in so many ways…Mostly for the better! I was suddenly responsible for not just keeping a small human alive, but also entertaining them, and teaching them, all whilst not forgetting to take care of myself!

If you’re feeling the pressure as a Mom, you are not alone.

I want to help take some of that pressure off with my tried-and-tested Parenting Tips, Kids Crafts and Activities, and Preschool Home-Learning Ideas.

Let’s Share Ideas and Become the Mom’s We’ve Always Wanted to Be!

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About Bravery and Belonging

Bravery and Belonging began as an Adoption Blog at the beginning of 2022. I started it as a form of self-care, after rediscovering my love of writing following a few anonymous guest blog posts for Adoption UK.

It has now grown into a general Parenting Blog with Activities, as I realised that many Parenting Tips I shared were not adoption specific. I still have an Adoption Section on the blog that I reserve for Adoption Specific Advice and Information, as adoption is a big part of our story as a family.

The Blog also has a section with advice on Common Parenting Challenges, Kid’s Activities and Self Care for Parents, as well as some Seasonal Ideas and Free Printables!


Featured Articles

I enjoy collaborating with others and sharing ideas. Below are my articles that have been featured in other publications.

  • Adoption Today Magazine (June 2022 edition) – How my Experience of Anxiety Helped me Parent my Anxious Child

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I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions. If you would like to get in touch, check out my Contact Page.