Free Printable Fathers Day Cards to Color In [Free PDF Download]

Are you looking for Fun Fathers Day Cards Templates for your kids, that you can download as a PDF Printable for FREE, for your kids to color in?

If that’s you, these cool cards that I’ve just made are perfect!

Perhaps you’re a busy Mom who’s forgotten Father’s Day until the evening before, when all the shops are shut. These are perfect for you! Or maybe you’re looking to help your little ones Create Personalised Homemade Father’s Day Cards to make their Dad smile! These are the ones!

The pin text reads, Fathers day cards for kids, free pdf and then it shows 3 of my 5 fathers day cards for dad that are available as free pdf download printables.

I have created 5 Fun Designs for your kids to choose from, with designs to suit different ages and tastes. All kids and Dad’s are unique after all.

*If, like me, you love a free printable, you can find more on my FREE Printables Page here!

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Pin text reads, fathers day cards for kids free pdf and then it shows a picture of one of five of my free pdf download printables.

You can use my Free Fathers Day Cards Printable PDF at home with your kids, as an activity in a club or activity group, or in your classroom as an easy, Color in, Father’s Day Craft.

I have created these Cards, as with all my printables, with simplicity in mind. I know what it’s like as a busy Mom (or Dad)! If you have a printer then you’re good to go!

How to Get Your FREE Printable Father’s Day Cards

To get your Free Father’s Day Cards Printable, click the button below, and you’ll be taken to the download page. Once you’ve entered your name and email, I can send it straight to you!

They come out best if you select the option ‘fit to printable area’ when printing.

Let me know how you get on with them. I really hope your kids enjoy them!

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Pin text reads fathers day cards for kids free pdf and an image of a card with the words my dad is the best! and an image of a dad with his son on his shoulders, an example of one of my free printable fathers day cards pdf downloads.

An image of my free printable pdf downloads fathers day color in cards for kids 2024 two of the five designs are shown here. One is 2 bears, a big one and a small one holding a balloon with the words happy fathers day at the top. the other card has a big dinosaur and a small dinsoaur holding two balloons with the words happy fathers day at the top.