Easy Valentine’s Day Fairy Wand Craft for Kids

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching now. If you’re searching for a Fun, Easy Valentine’s Day Craft to make with your Kids, this cute DIY Fairy Wand Craft I designed is for you!

I created this Fairy Wand using materials I had lying around at home already, so hopefully you’ll be able to easily find what you need for it too.

Knowing the attention spans of my own kids, I made this Valentine’s Craft quick and easy for little one’s to create. This allows them to feel that sense of accomplishment and pride in creating something valuable, whilst also being able to play with it quickly!

It also make this Easy Valentine’s Day Fairy Wand a great craft for a bigger group, like a school class, Preschool, or Activity Club.

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What You Need

An image of the materials needed to make your wand craft. Red and pink ribbon, 2 big heart stickers, a stick/twig, and pink or red pipecleaners.

What you need to make your Valentine’s Fairy Wand:

  • A Stick
  • Ribbon
  • Pipe cleaners
  • 2 big foam heart-shaped stickers
  • Small photo of your child (optional – for variations)

*If you don’t have the stickers you can cut out two heart-shaped pieces of card and stick them together with strong glue instead.


Step 1 : Wrap the Stick

Showing step 1 of making this fairy wand. Wrapping the stick in pipecleaners.

Step 1

  • Wrap your pipe cleaners round the stick to cover it.
  • Leave a little gap at the top, ready for the next step!


Step 2 : Add the Ribbon

This shows step 2 for making your fairy wand. ribbon being wrapped onto the stick with the pipecleaners holding it in place.

Step 2

  • Cut off various lengths of ribbon. (You can use just one color or two or three colors of ribbon.)
  • Hold the ends of the ribbon against the stick and continue to wrap the pipe cleaner around the stick, holding the end of the ribbons in place firmly.


Step 3 : Add the Hearts

Shows step 3 of fairy wand creation. I stuck a foam heart sticker over the top end of the stick, oneon each side of it.

Step 3

  • Stick your heart stickers to the top of your wand, positioning them so that the ribbon comes out of the top and the heart stickers are stuck to each other with the stick sandwiched in the middle.


Enjoy Playing with Your Valentine’s Fairy Wand

An image of my finished valentines day fairy wand craft diy cheap handmade toy for preschool aged kids.


Creating Variations of the Valentine’s Fairy Wand

An image of a valentines day fairy wand craft diy cheap homemade toy with a photo of the childs face on it as a craft for preschool kids.

You can create lots of different variations of this Easy Valentine’s Day Fairy Wand Craft.

The wand above is made with different colored pipe cleaners to make it stripey. I then used card, instead of stickers, for the heart at the top and added a photo of my daughter to personalize it. She was delighted!

If you want to create this wand outside of Valentine’s Day, then you can use a different shape for the top, like a circle for example, and decorate it however you like. The personalization options is just one of the things I love about this fun craft.

Easy Valentine’s Day Fairy Wand Craft

I hope you enjoy creating my Valentine’s Day Fairy Wand Craft as much as we did here and that your kids will have great fun engaging their imaginations and playing with their wand afterwards.

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