Shapes Flashcards Printable [Free PDF Download]

Are you beginning to teach your little one their Shapes? Looking for some Fun, Colorful, Shapes Flashcards you can use to help you? My Free Printable Shapes Flashcards are for you!

I created these 11 Shapes Flashcards to cover the most well-known shapes. Once you get the printable, you can simply cut out the cards and either stick them onto some card or laminate them and you’re good to go!

If you’d like more FREE Shape Activities, take a look at my Shape-Learning Collection here!

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Get the Most out of your Shapes Flashcards

Flashcards are a great tool when it comes to learning lots of information in a short space of time. However, they can become boring if you force your child to sit for too long doing them repetitively.

I find that a few minutes a day works best for learning with flashcards. Or even a few minutes, a few times during the day.

Snack-time is a time of the day when flashcards work well in our family. Waiting in the car at school pick-up is another good time to get the cards out. They are great for filling those boring moments too, like waiting for a doctor or dentist appointment.

Pin text reads, shapes flashcards printable free and there are images of the flashcards in the pin

More Shape-Learning Resources

If you are interested in some more resources to help teach your little one their shapes, I have a bunch more available for you.

Many of my other Shape Activities are Play-Based as I believe this is the best way for our kids to learn, especially when they are little. However, I have also included a few worksheets as I know some kids, like my daughter, just love a worksheet from time to time!

My FREE Shape-Learning Resources Currently Include:

Shape Playdough Mats [9 FREE Printables]

I Spy Shapes [2 FREE Printable]

Shape Hunt [Includes FREE Printable]

Shape Tracing Worksheets [2 FREE Printable]

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How to Get Your FREE Shapes Flashcards Printable

To get hold of your FREE Printables, simply click the big pink button below and then enter your email address when prompted. Your Shapes Flashcards will be sent directly to your email inbox within a minute or two.

Make sure to select ‘fit to printable size’ from the advanced printing options when you print them off, so they come out looking their best.

I have also found that laminating the flashcards helps to prolong their lifespan, especially if you have multiple kids using them!

I hope these fun shape flashcards help your little one learn their shapes in no time at all! Let me know how you get on with them in the comments below!