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Fun Shape Hunt Activity with Free Printable

Are you looking for a fun activity to get your little one excited about learning their shapes? Whilst helping my daughter to learn shapes, I realised she was getting bored and easily distracted. I needed something engaging and play-based to help her really learn. And that is how I came up with this Free Shape Hunt Challenge Printable!

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How to Use my Free Shape Hunt Printable

There are several ways you can use this free printable. That’s part of the reason I love this resource. It’s so flexible and doesn’t need any preparation, once you’ve printed it off.

This Shape Hunt Challenge can be done:

  • Individually by kids or in Teams
  • Inside or Outside
  • They can draw what they find, photograph it, or collect it to show you.
  • You can challenge them to find one item for each shape box or multiple items.
  • You can hide actual shapes around the house, class, or outside area, OR you can just let them find the shapes in things that are naturally there already.

How do I Get my FREE Shape Hunt Printable?

Getting your Shape Hunt Printable is super easy. Click the pink button below and it will take you to the landing page for this freebie. Once you’ve entered your name and email, your FREE Printable can be sent straight to your inbox.

A Shapes Scavenger Hunt is a super fun way to engage your little ones in learning their shapes in a play-based way.

I have some more Shape Activities and printables for you to check out too, and I am currently working away on a few more. Take a look at some of my other shapes posts below!

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