Image of my free i spy shape worksheet printable pdf download. It has 8 different shapes in various colors.

FREE I Spy Shapes Worksheet Printables for Kids [PDF Download]

One of my missions here at Bravery and Belonging, is to make learning fun for our Toddlers, Preschoolers, and School-aged kids. I want my kids to develop a life-long love of learning, like I myself enjoy. Learning shapes can be a little boring and monotonous, which is why I have created these Fun & FREE I Spy Shapes Printables for Kids, available as a PDF download.

These Shapes Printables really helped to get my daughter excited about learning her shapes and I hope they will be just as helpful for your kids too.

I have created 2 Unique I Spy Shapes Printables for you, in the hopes of accommodating every kid learning their shapes. The first is one to color in, as I know many kids love coloring, and the second is a brightly colored option for those less keen on coloring.

Pin text reads, I spy shapes. I spy printables for kids free pdf download. Image of the worksheet.

Color In I Spy Shapes Printable

This Free Coloring in Shapes I Spy Activity is perfect for those kids that just love to color. They can practice those important fine motor skills at the same time as learning to recognise their shapes.

Coloring in the shapes also slows them down. This means they are more likely to remember the shapes they are looking at. They are also learning all the little details of the shapes as they color along their edges and corners.

Pin text reads, free printables i spy shapes i spy printables for kids free pdf. Image of the worksheet which has a big box with 8 different shapes in different colors in multiples scattered about to find and a box at the bottom to enter the number of each shape found.

Brightly-Colored I Spy Shapes Printable

This bright and colorful I Spy was my daughters favorite, since she is not a fan of coloring. However, this worksheet is not just for those who don’t like coloring.

If your little one has only just begun learning their shapes, then this is a great one for them as I have chosen a different color for each shape. So all the circles are red and all the triangles are green. This makes it easier to find them for those who are not yet confident in identifying their shapes.

How to Get Your Kids FREE I Spy Shapes Printables

To grab your copy of my Shapes I Spy, simply click the pink button below and you’ll be taken to the landing page for this freebie. There you will be asked for your name and email, so your FREE Printables can be sent straight to your inbox.

I really hope your little one’s enjoy this fun Shapes Activity. I am in the process of creating more shapes activities and printables, so keep an eye out for more coming soon!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to check out some more of my free printables, take a look at the FREE Printables Page.

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