Objects That Start with S (120+ Ideas)

Looking for objects that start with the Letter S? I’ve got you covered!

Here you’ll find Letter S ideas for Toys, Clothing, Animals, Books, Food, Household items and objects in Nature.

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Toy ideas for letter S. Graphics of a skateboard, skipping rope, superman figure, and snoopy.

Toys That Start with S

1. Stegosaurus

2. Spinosaurus

3. Scoop (from Bob the Builder)

4. Snoopy

5. Scooby Doo

6. Shaun the Sheep

7. Shrek

8. Snow white

9. Sleeping Beauty

10. Silly Putty

11. Silly String

12. Slinky

13. Skipping rope

14. Skate board

15. Stitch

16. Slide

17. Swings

18. Spider man

19. Superman

20. Submarine

21. Santa hat

22. Sponge Bob

23. Space Man

Pin text reads, clothing ideas for the letter S. Image of slippers, socks and sunglasses.

Clothing That Starts with the Letter S

24. Satchel

25. Sneakers

26. Shoes

27. Slippers

28. Sunglasses

29. Skirt

30. Sun hat

31. Snow boots

32. Ski jacket

33. Skates

34. Ski Pants

35. Suit

36. Socks

37. Satin dress

38. Silk nightdress

39. Sapphire ring

Pin text reads, Animal ideas for letter S. Graphics of a sloth, sausage dog and a snail.

Animals that Begin with S

40. Snake

41. Snail

42. Slug

43. Sausage dog

44. Spider

45. Sheep

46. Seal

47. Starfish

48. Seahorse

49. Shark

50. Sloth

51. Squirrel

52. Skunk

53. Squid

54. Shetland Pony

Pin text reads, Book ideas beginning with the letter S. Image of the book, The Smeds and the Smoos.

Books Beginning with the Letter S

55. Little Kids First Big Book of Space (Check it out on Amazon)

56. Snakes for Kids : A Junior Scientists Guide (Check it out on Amazon)

57. Spiders : National Geographic Kids (Check it out on Amazon)

58. How to Catch Santa Claus (Check it out on Amazon)

59. Spot the Dog Books (Check it out on Amazon)

60. Snail and the Whale (Check it out on Amazon)

61. Smartest Giant in Town (Check it out on Amazon)

62. Smeds and the Smoos (Check it out on Amazon)

63. Scarecrows Wedding (Check it out on Amazon)

64. Super Worm (Check it out on Amazon)

For more Letter S Book recommendations, take a look at The Best Letter S Books for Preschool Kids (30 Fun Reads).

Pin text reads, Food ideas for letter S. Graphics of sugar, spaghetti, sausage and sardines.

Food that Starts with the Letter S

65. Sandwich

66. Salad

67. Soup

68. Salad Cream

69. Sweetcorn

70. Shrimp

71. Sweetbread

72. Strawberries

73. Sausage

74. Schnitzel

75. Sage

76. Salt

77. Sardines

78. Salmon

79. Steak

80. Shellfish

81. Star Fruit

82. Sweeties (Candy)

83. Salsa

84. Semolina

Pin text reads, Household items beginning with S. Image of soap and shampoo on the sink.

Household Items that Begin with S

85. Scoop (for scooping ice-cream)

86. Spatula

87. Spoon

88. Saucepan

89. Scalpel

90. Soap

91. Shampoo

92. Shaver

93. Seat

94. Sofa

95. Sink

96. Shower

97. Sign (Bathroom sign or welcome home sign)

98. Screwdriver

99. Sleeping bag

100. Sheet

101. Sledge

102. Skis

103. Snow board

104. Sandpaper

Pin text reads, Nature objects that start with S. Image of Sunflowers.

Items that Begin with the Letter S in Nature

105. Sand

106. Stick

107. Stones

108. Shells

109. Seaweed

110. Stars

111. Saturn

112. Seeds

113. Snow

114. Snowdrop

115. Sunflower

116. Spruce

117. Sycamore Tree

118. Sweet Pea

119. Spider Plant

120. Safflower

121. Sea Holly

The Ultimate List of Objects That Start with S

I hope you found this list of 120+ Letter S objects useful, whether it was for show and tell at your kids school, teaching the alphabet in your class, or just for a fun game.

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