Show and Tell Letter V (100+ Ideas)

Looking for some show-and-tell letter V ideas?

This ultimate list of letter V items are all things that will fit into your kids backpack for the school run!

This list is also great for home-schooling moms and teachers who want unique ideas for teaching the letter V.

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To make it easier for you, I have split this massive list into sections, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

If you’re searching around last-minute for something, before your kid rushes out the door, you’ll find quick suggestions near the top, in the toys section.

If you have a bit of time and want to find or make, something a bit more unique, head a bit further down the list for some more unusual suggestions.

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Show and Tell Toy Ideas for Letter V

This list begins with toys starting with V since those will probably be the easiest to find if you’re running late and need a last-minute show-and-tell letter V item for your kid.

These are all easy items to grab and stuff in a kids schoolbag on the way out the door!

1. Velociraptor dinosaur toy

2. Vehicle

3. Vet Toys

4. Velcro Paddle and Ball Game

5.Video Game Console

6. Vegetable Toys from a Toy Kitchen

7. Viking Ship Toy

8. Volcano Toy or Science Set

9. Van

10. Vacuum

11. Voltron Action Toy Figure

12. Volleyball

13. Ventriloquist Puppet

14. Vulture Puppet or soft toy

15. Victorian Clothes (for dress-up)

16. Voice Recorder Toy

17. Vanity set

18. Vampire Costume

19. Vampire Fangs

20. Viking warrior figure

21. Video recorder toy

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Clothes Beginning with the Letter V

Looking for some clothing items that begin with V?

There are perhaps a few more than you thought. Hopefully, you can find one here on this list.

22. Velvet dress / skirt

23. Vans (shoes)

24. Vest

25. Velcro shoes

26. V-neck T-shirt

27. Viking Hat

28. Veil

29. Visor

30. Vintage Dress

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Show and Tell Animal Ideas for Letter V

While it may not be possible to take these animals into school with you, these make great, interesting , options to study.

You could find a photo of the animal on the internet, in a magazine, or a book about animals.

This list of animals beginning with the letter V, will make Show and Tell more interesting.

Some of them may be animals you and your little one haven’t heard of before, allowing you to learn together.

31. Vole

32. Veiled Chameleon

33. Vulture

34. Vlei Rat

35. Vampire Finch

36. Virginia Opossum

37. Vinegaroon

38. Vampire Bat

39. Vietnamese Mossy Frog

40. Viper

41. Visayan Warty Pig

42. Vicuna

43. Vervet Monkey

44. Verreaux’s Sifaka

45. Volcano Rabbit

46. Viper Fish

47. Velvet Asity

48. Vagrant Shrew

49. Vaquita

50. Vancouver Island Marmot

51. Vanikoro Flying Fox

52. Vampire Squid

53. Variegated Squirrel

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Books and DVDs Beginning with the Letter V

Need a book or DVD beginning with the letter V?

I’ve got you covered here with some fun book and movie options for the letter V.

54. Very Hungry Caterpillar (Check it out on Amazon)

55. The Velveteen Rabbit (Check it out on Amazon)

56. Volcanos: National Geographic Kids (Check it out on Amazon)

57. This is Venice (Check it out on Amazon)

58. The Vegetarian Cookbook for Kids (Check it out on Amazon)

59. Busy Day Vet (Check it out on Amazon)

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Show and Tell Food Ideas for Letter V

Finding out about different kinds of food is a great way to share about letters in show and tell, and this list of letter V ideas will give you lots of fun options to explore.

60. Vanilla

61. Valencia Orange

62. Vanilla Wafers

63. Vanilla Beans

64. Vegetable Soup

65. Veggie Chips (veggie fries)

66. Vietnamese Noodles

67. Vegetables

68. Veggie Crisps (Veggie chips)

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Arts and Crafts Beginning with Letter V

If your little one is into arts and crafts, then they may enjoy making something interesting for show and tell.

This list includes some quick and simple craft ideas that you could make for letter V.

If you would like to make a more unique and interesting craft than these basic examples, you might like Cool Kids Crafts, 15 Very Vital Letter V Crafts Kids Will Love. Her craft ideas come with instructions and some of them come with handy videos to demonstrate too.

69. Valentine’s Cards – like these cool FREE Printable Color-in Valentine’s Cards!

70. Volcano Craft

71. Velociraptor Mask

72. Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft

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Household Item Ideas for Letter V

It’s so hard to think of household items beginning with the letter V when you’re on the spot, or rushing at the last-minute.

Below is a list of simple items that you might find in your house beginning with V.

73. Violin

74. Vacuum bags

75. Vaseline

76. Vase (plastic one for a schoolbag)

77. Vanity Case

78. Vanilla Candle

79. Vaccination records

80. Velvet fabric

81. Vitamins (an empty plastic tub of them)

82. Vegetable Peeler

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Show and Tell Nature Ideas for Letter V

If you have a bit more time on your hands and want something a bit more unique, how about searching for some of these letter V items in nature.

You may find some in your back garden, and others might be a little further afield depending on where you live.

83. Vine

84. Vanilla Orchard (a climbing vine)

85. Violets (flowers)

86. Violas (flowers)

87. Valley (take a photo)

88. Verbenas (flowers)

89. Verbas (flowers)

90. Violins (flowers)

91. Vervain (flower)

92. Veronica (flower)

93. Virginia Bluebells (flowers)

94. Volkameria (flower)

95. Viviparoza (flower)

96. Vulpina (flower)

97. Vitex (shrub)

98. Vine Maple (shrub)

99. Viburnum (shrub)

100. Virginia Spiderwort (flowers)

101. Virginia Pine Tree (Take a branch or leaf)

102. Velvet Mesquite Tree (small branch or leaf)

103. Velvet Sumac Tree (take a leaf or small branch)

104. Varnish Leaf (a tree)

105. Varnish Tree

Things that Begin with the Letter V

I hope you found this show-and-tell letter V list helpful as you help your little one find items beginning with the letter V.

It’s great when we can make learning interesting and fun for our little ones and show-and-tell is a good way to do this.

If you found this list useful, please share it with your friends and colleagues.

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