The Best Letter S Books for Preschool Kids (30 Fun Reads)

Are you searching for the Best Letter S Books for Preschool Kids?

I’ve got you covered with this list of my top 30 fun reads!

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We’ve got a mixture of fun stories and interesting informational books, depending on what mood grabs you.

I’ve popped the books into categories to make it quicker for you if there is a certain category of book you’re interested in.

Happy Browsing!

The Best Space Books for Preschool

Look Inside Space

This one, by Rob Llyod Jones, Benedetta Giaufret & Enrica Rusina, is informative, yet engaging, with interactive lift-the-flap sections. Learning about space is such fun with a quality book like this, from the trusted Usborne publishers. My kids LOVE the little lift-the-flap sections!

Check out ‘Look Inside Space’ on Amazon.

You Choose in Space

You Choose in Space, by Pippa Goodhart & Nick Sharratt, is great for growing your little one’s imagination. With bright, colorful illustrations this book offers lots of choices for Preschoolers to choose their characters, clothing, and activities, as they tell their own stories. This was a firm favourite of my son’s when he was in Preschool.

Check out ‘You Choose in Space’ on Amazon.

My Very First Space Book

This book, by Emily Bone & Lee Cosgrove, teaches the basics of Space in a fun and easy to comprehend way. In easy, child-friendly, language with lots of interesting pictures, this book will hold a little one’s attention for a while.

Check out ‘My Very First Space Book’ on Amazon.

Space Tortoise

This one, by Ross Montgomery & David Litchfield, is such a feel-good story. It’s full of kindness and bravery, as Tortoise, feeling alone, sets off on an adventure to find friends.

Check out ‘Space Tortoise’ on Amazon.

Fun Spider Books for Preschoolers

Aaaarrgghh Spider!

This fun book, by Lydia Monks, is a humorous story about a a spider who just wants to become part of the family, but the family are all scared of her! They keep screaming, Aaaarrgghh spider every time they see her. A charming book about overcoming challenges, accepting differences, and making friends.

Check out ‘Aaaarrgghh Spider!’ on Amazon.

Spider: My Little Green World

This one, by Campbell Books & Teresa Bellon, is a fascinating little read. This interactive book allows you to move the spider around to discover all that she can do, as well as learn how she helps us and where she fits into our ecosystem. This book is part of a series of books which are environmentally-friendly and made sustainably. Now, that’s pretty cool!

Check out ‘Spider : My Little Green World’ on Amazon.


Spinderella, by Julia Donaldson & Sebastian Braun, is about a spider who wants to play football but is getting in a raffle with her counting! Can her Hairy God-Mother help her to follow her dreams of becoming a football player, and teach her to count along the way? A lovely little book that subtly teaches counting in a fun way.

Any book by Julia Donaldson is a complete winner in our home! Scroll down further to see the Julia Donaldson section for Preschool Letter S Books. Yes, she has her own section. That’s how much we love her!

Check out ‘Spinderella’ on Amazon.

Snake Books for Preschool Kids

There’s a Snake in my School

This one, by David Walliams, is a light-hearted, funny story about what happens on bring-your-pet-to-school-day when an unusual pet comes to school! A great imaginative tale.

Check out ‘There’s a Snake in my School’

Sid the Snake and his Many Mates

This one, by Rachel Slinger & James Cottell, is a lovely little rhyming story about the power of kindness, and never judging someone by their appearance, even if they look like a scary snake! I just love the message of this book. Such a powerful one to teach our kids!

Check out ‘Sid the Snake and his Many Mates’ on Amazon.

Snakes: My Incredible World Picture Book for Children

Snakes, by My Incredible World & Hope Aicher, is the perfect book for any young snake enthusiast. A brilliantly informative book about snakes with 20 beautiful pictures to hold your little ones’ attention and aid their understanding. This one is perfect if you’re doing a project on snakes.

Check out ‘Snakes: My Incredible World Picture Book for Children’ on Amazon.

The Best Letter S Preschool Books about Seeds & Seasons

Sam Plants a Sunflower

Sam Plants a Sunflower, by Kate Petty, Axel Scheffler and the National Trust is such an engaging book. I really liked that this book explained what is happening under the ground after we plant our seeds, when we can’t see anything happening. It was a really nice visual for a little person who can’t understand why their flowers are not growing yet.

A lovely story about being patient and waiting for good things.

Check out ‘Sam Plants a Sunflower’ on Amazon.

An image of the preschooler book stories of the seasons as part of a review

Stories of the Seasons

Stories of the Seasons, by Autumn Publishing, is a collection of four beautiful stories following the life cycle of an acorn, a raindrop, a snowflake, and the hibernation pattern of a young brown bear. The beautiful, colourful illustrations, and a smooth hardback cover, make this book a lovely read.

My daughter often chooses one of these stories for bedtime, and the book has lasted really well.

Check out ‘Stories of the Seasons’ on Amazon.

How Does a Seed Sprout?

This lovely little book, by Eric Carle, is all about the life cycle of a seed. The Very Hungry Caterpillar wants to find out how we get a tree from a seed, so he sets off to find out in this cute little book about the Life Cycle of a seed.

Check out ‘How Does a Seed Sprout?’ on Amazon.


Storm, by Sam Usher, is a lovely book about spending time with your grandparents and making the most of any day, whatever the weather and season!

Check out ‘Storm’ on Amazon.


Seasons, by Hannah Pang & Clover Robin, is a wonderfully visual book demonstrating how the seasons change the world around us. The illustrations in this are just stunning. This would be a great book if you were planning some artwork around the seasons.

Check out ‘Seasons’ on Amazon.

Preschool Books about Jobs beginning with the Letter S

My First Heroes : Inventors

This book, by Campbell Books and Nila Aye, is a beautifully illustrated, interactive, interesting book pitched just right for Preschoolers. It covers a diverse range of inventors and gives an easy to understand, short explanation of what they invented. A great introduction to invention!

Check out ‘My First Heroes: Inventors’ on Amazon.

When I’m a Surgeon

This book, by Samantha Pillay, is a bright, vibrant book all about what it means to be a surgeon. I love the illustrations in this book and simple explanations. It’s a great one to inspire young kids into STEM careers.

Check out ‘When I’m a Surgeon’ on Amazon.

Stanley’s School

Stanley’s School, by William Bee, is a lovely little story about Stanley’s day as a School Teacher and all the fun and exciting activities that the children get up to during their school day. This book is a great introduction for Preschoolers who are starting school soon, as it’s sure to generate discussion.

Check out Stanley’s School’ on Amazon.

An image of the preschooler book stanley's shop as part of a review

Stanley’s Shop

Stanley’s Shop. by William Bee, is a cute little book telling the story of Stanley’s day as a Shop Keeper. My daughter loves reading this book, as she can read some of it herself. It has short, easy sentences, and the pictures do a really good job of telling the story.

Check out, Stanley’s Shop, on Amazon.

Letter S Rhyming Books, by Julia Donaldson

The Snail and the Whale

This is a lovely tale of a snail who was looking for adventure and sailed around the world on a humpback whale’s tail. The snail feels so small, yet when the whale becomes beached in a bay, who will save him?

As a parent, I find this book so easy to read as the rhymes just flow off the tongue. There’s something very therapeutic and relaxing about it.

Check out ‘The Snail and the Whale’ on Amazon.

An image of the preschooler book stickman as part of a review


Stickman is a wonderful story with beautiful rhymes. It tells the story of stickman who gets picked up whilst out for his morning jog. He is used by lots of different people and animals along the way, for many different purposes, until he is far from home. Will he manage to get home to his family again?

My kids love this book and my son is forever drawing his favourite pictures from it.

Check out ‘Stickman’ on Amazon.

An image of the preschooler book The Smartest Giant in Town as part of a review

The Smartest Giant in Town

This is a story of a kind-hearted giant who, after buying a whole new set of smart clothes, ends up giving them all away to the animals who need help on his way home. He is no-longer the smartest giant in town, however his friends celebrate that he is the KINDEST giant in town! A lovely book about looking out for others and offering a helping hand.

Check out ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ on Amazon.

The Scarecrows Wedding

In this lovely story two scarecrows fall in love and begin to plan their wedding. All is going well to begin with, until disaster stirkes and everything begins to go wrong! The rhyming in here makes it so easy to read, even in the evening when you’re falling asleep doing bedtimes!

I love the message of this book: knowing who your real friends are and staying loyal to those friends. It’s not a concept that I have come across very often in little kids books, but such an important thing to teach.

Check out ‘The Scarecrows Wedding’ on Amazon.

An image of the preschooler book the smeds and the smoos as part of a review

The Smeds and the Smoos

This story is a fantastic rhyming book abut two rival alien groups who are banned from becoming friends. However, they find a way to be together, bringing both their families together in the process. A lovely story about overcoming the differences between us and not stereotyping people.

This is a well-loved book in our home, partly due to all the funny made-up names and words sprinkled throughout!

Check out ‘The Smeds and the Smoos’ on Amazon.

An image of one of the letter s preschool books im recommending in this post: Superworm


Superworm is a fab little story about bravery and strength of character. It’s about working together to overcome challenges. And of course it’s funny too!

After years of reading this book, I finally thought my kids had outgrown it and I gave it away. Well, they’ve only gone and got it out of the library this week! This book really does appeal to a wide age range. My kids have enjoyed it from age 2 right up to age 7!

Check out ‘Superworm’ on Amazon

An image of the preschooler book sharing a shell as part of a review

Sharing a Shell

Sharing a Shell is a feel-good story about unusual friendships. It teaches that we all have something to offer one another and that we are better, and happier when we work together and share. An important message, in a charming book. Another bedtime favourite at our house!

Check out ‘Sharing a Shell’ on Amazon.

Snow and Santa Books

An image of the book I am reviewing, 'We're going on a sleigh ride'

We’re Going on a Sleigh Ride

This charming book, by Martha Mumford & Cherie Zamazing. This book is part of a beautiful series about a small family of bunnies who go on adventures together. There are things to find along the way, flaps to lift, and things to avoid too! Just an all-round lovely Christmassy book, really!

Check out ‘We’re Going on a Sleigh Ride’ on Amazon.

Squirrels Snowman

Squirrels Snowman, by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler, is a beautiful little story that’s part of the Acorn Woods series. It’s a lovely lift-the-flap, rhyming, book, ideal as the cold nights begin to roll in.

Check out ‘Squirrels Snowman’ on Amazon.

A photo of my copy of Winnie and Wilbur meet Santa, a great preschooler Christmas book.

Winnie and Wilbur Meet Santa

This funny story, by Valerie Thomas & Korky Paul, is a funny tale about the mayhem and messes that arise when our favourite witch and witches cat meet Santa for the first time.

We are big Winnie the Witch fans in our house, and it’s lovely to see this Christmas themed book join the collection.

Check out ‘Winnie and Wilbur Meet Santa’ on Amazon

An image of the book The Snowman, plus a touch and feel version of the book for babies.

The Snowman

The Snowman, by Raymond Briggs, is a true children’s classic. I remember this book from when I was a child, and it’s just so nice to have a book or two that you can pass down to your kids from your own childhood.

Check out ‘The Snowman’ on Amazon

I hope you enjoyed browsing this Letter S book list, and found some good books to read to your Preschool Kid.

Let me know if you have any more ideas!

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