Objects That Start With The Letter A (100+ Ideas)

Looking for objects that start with the Letter A?

I’ve got you covered with this list of 100+ items beginning with A.

To make it easier to find what you’re looking for, I have split them into categories.

I’ve popped common household items at the top, in-case you’re hunting for an easy Letter A object for your kids Alphabet Show and Tell at School! The objects nearest the top will all fit easily into a backpack!

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Pin text reads, Household items beginning with the letter A. Ideas for Show and Tell. Image of an alarm clock.

Household Objects that Start with the Letter A

1. Apron

2. Adapter

3. Address Book

4. Alarm

5. Album

6. Antiperspirant

7. Aluminium foil

8. Art Work

9. Apple Corer

10. Autograph

11. Adhesive Tape

12. Air Mattress

13. Air Freshener

14. Air Conditioner

15. AA Batteries

16. Armchair

17. Antique furniture

18. Aspirin

19. Ash Tray

20. Axe

21. Army Knife

Pin text reads, Toy ideas for letter A. Graphics of Allosaurus, an Abacus, An Astronaut, Alien and Ant Farm.

Toys that begin with A

22. Ant Man

23. Ant Farm

24. Ariel

25. Anna (Frozen)

26. Alice in Wonderland

27. Aladdin

28. Aqua Man

29. Army Man Figures

30. Ambulance

31. Airplane

32. Alphabet Blocks

33. Activity Cube

34. Abacus

35. Alien

36. Astronaut

37. Angry Birds

38. Anchisaurus

39. Apatosaurus

40. Alamosaurus

41. Allosaurus

42. Antlers (from A Christmas Game perhaps)

43. Angel

44. Alphabet Puzzle

45. Aqua Water Doodle Mat

46. Arrow (Kids Bow and Arrow set)

Pin text reads, Food Ideas for Letter A. Graphics of an avocado, apple, apricot, almonds and asparagus.

Food Items Beginning with A

47. Apple

48. Avocado

49. Apricot

50. Almonds

51. Aubergine

52. Anchovies

53. Artichoke

54. Asparagus

55. Apple Pie

56. Angel Food Cake

57. All Spice

58. Almond Milk

59. Acai Berry

Pin text reads, Animal ideas for letter A. Graphics of an Alpaca, Ant, Arctic Fox, and an Albatross.

Animals that Start with the Letter A

60. Alligator

61. Ant

62. Aardvark

63. Anteater

64. Armadillo

65. Antelope

66. Albatross

67. Alpaca

68. Ape

69. Angel Fish

70. Angler Fish

71. Arctic Fox

72. Arctic Hare

73. African Elephant

Pin text reads, Show and Tell Book Ideas Letter A. Graphic of 2 kids reading books.

Books Beginning with A

74. Atlas, Lift the Flap (Check it out on Amazon)

75. Animal Encyclopaedia, National Geographic Kids (Check it out on Amazon)

76. Astronauts (Check it out on Amazon)

77. Aliens Love Underpants (Check it out on Amazon)

78. I an Stronger than Anger (Check it out on Amazon)

79. Ants for Kids, A Junior Scientists Guide (Check it out on Amazon)

80. Allosaurus (Little Palaeontologist) (Check it out on Amazon)

Pin text reads, Clothing Ideas for Letter A. Graphics of ankle socks, anorak, angora sweater and ankle boots.

Clothing that Begins with Letter A

81. Anorak

82. Ankle Socks

83. Ankle Boots

84. Arm band

85. Arm Warmers

86. A-Line Skirt

87. Angora Sweater

Pin text reads, Nature Ideas for Letter A. Graphics of an apple tree, acorn, aloe vera plant and algae.

Objects in Nature that Start with the Letter A

88. Apple Tree

89. Apricot Tree

90. Apple Blossom

91. Acorn

92. Algae

93. Aloe Vera

94. Alder (Tree)

95. Anemone (flower)

96. Allium (flower)

97. African Daisy (flower)

98. Amethyst

99. Amber

Pin text reads, Body Parts beginning with A. Graphic of a lady clutching her abdomen, an arm, and an ankle.

Body Parts that Start with A

100. Arm

101. Abdomen

102. Appendix

103. Adam’s Apple

104. Ankle

105. Artery

I hope you found this list helpful as you teach your Preschool or PreK kiddo their letters.

If you think this might be useful to your friends and colleagues feel free to share it with them!

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A Pin with a background image that is white with lots of coloured alphabet letters sprinkled on it. Text reads, 100 ideas. Show and Tell letter A.

A Pin with a background image that is white with lots of coloured alphabet letters sprinkled on it. Text reads, 100+ objects that start with letter A.