Objects That Start With C (120+ Ideas)

Are you looking for objects that start with C? This ultimate list of more than 120 Letter C Objects is for you!

Common Household Objects and Toys are listed at the top, so that if you are looking for a Kids Show and Tell Letter C idea, you can find one quickly. Below that are Animals beginning with C, Food, Clothing, Books and Objects in Nature.

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Household Objects That Start With The Letter C

1. Card (birthday card)

2. Card Game (Pack of cards)

3. Carton

4. Cloth

5. Coaster

6. Coin

7. Clock

8. Cup

9. Candle

10. Calendar

11. Can (of Soup)

12. Chop sticks

13. Case

14. Comb

15. Clip

16. Cable

17. Camera

18. Crib

19. Chair

20. Couch

21. Cage

22. Cupboard

23. Carpet

24. Curtains

25. Computer

26. Cell Phone

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Toys That Begin With The Letter C

27. Car

28. Caravan

29. Crane

30. Cement Mixer

31. Crown

32. Castle

33. Cauldron

34. Cash Register

35. Cow boy/girl dress up outfit

36. Cape

37. Cabbage Patch Doll

38. Cat Woman

39. Cat Boy (PJ Masks)

40. Chase (Paw Patrol)

41. Captain America

42. Captain Marvel

43. Captain Underpants

44. Cinderella

45. Chess

46. Connect 4

47. Chemistry Kit

48. Crayons

49. Chalk

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Food Beginning with C

50. Cabbage

51. Cauliflower

52. Cereal

53. Cheese

54. Celery

55. Carrot

56. Corn on the Cob

57. Cantaloupe

58. Chilli

59. Coconut

60. Chips

61. Crisps

62. Crepe

63. Cashew

64. Chestnuts

65. Cake

66. Candy

67. Cookies

68. Cream

69. Chocolate

70. Cottage Pie

71. Cod

72. Curry

73. Cauliflower Cheese

74. Coffee

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Clothing That Starts With The Letter C

75. Cardigan

76. Coat

77. Cargo Pants

78. Capri Pants

79. Crop top

80. Corset

81. Cap

82. Chinos

83. Clogs

84. Cloak

85. Camisole

86. Clutch

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Animals Beginning with the Letter C

87. Cat

88. Curlew

89. Crow

90. Cockatoo

91. Cockroach

92. Centipede

93. Caterpillar

94. Cricket

95. Crab

96. Clam

97. Camel

98. Cheetah

99. Cougar

100. Coyote

101. Crocodile

102. Chicken

103. Cow

104. Chimpanzee

105. Capybara

106. Cobra

107. Caribou

108. Chameleon

109. Chinchilla

110. Chipmunk

111. Clown Fish

112. Cat Fish

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Book Recommendations For The Letter C

113. My Very First Cook Book (Check it out on Amazon)

114. Cars and Trucks and Things that Go (Check it out on Amazon)

115. ABC Colouring Book (Check it out on Amazon)

116. The Cat in the Hat (Check it out on Amazon)

117. The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Check it out on Amazon)

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Objects in Nature Beginning with C

118. Cedar

119. Cashew Tree

120. Chestnut Tree

121. Crocus

122. Carnation

123. Chrysanthemum

124. California Poppy

125. Cactus

I hope you found this list useful for discovering objects that begin with the letter C.

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Pin text reads, 100+ Objects that start with Letter C. Background is white with coloured letters sprinkled on it.