Objects that Start with the Letter B (140+ Ideas)

Do you need some ideas for objects that start with the letter B? You have come to the right place! This giant list of 100 objects beginning with B covers a wide range of options.

If you’re in a hurry looking for a Show and Tell item for the Letter B, they are near the top! Items at the top of the household and toy list are backpack sized objects that most households have.

If you want some more unique letter B ideas, keep scrolling through all the sections! We have animals beginning with B, food, nature, clothing, household, toys and books.

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Pin text reads, Household objects beginning with B. Graphics of a bell, bow, buttons, bucket and backpack.

Household Objects that Start with the Letter B

1. Bag

2. Basket

3. Box

4. Bucket

5. Book

6. Buttons

7. Bowl

8. Bottle

9. Backpack

10. Bell

11. Baking Tray

12. Blanket

13. Brush

14. Battery

15. Bird House

16. Broom

17. Bin

18. Bath

19. Bed

20. Bed-side-table

21. Bookcase

22. Bar Stoll

23. Bassinet

24. Bench

Pin text reads, Toy Ideas beginning with the letter B. Ideal for Show and Tell. Image is of some kids building blocks.

Toys that Begin with the Letter B

25. Batman

26. Bob the Builder

27. Barnacles (Captain Barnacles from The Octonauts)

28. Barbie

29. Belle

30. Beast (from Beauty and the Beast)

31. Bambi

32. Bluey

33. Banjo

34. Blocks

35. Baby

36. Ballerina

37. Barney

38. Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

39. Bunny

40. Ball

41. Bingo

42. Bubbles

43. Bubble Machine

44. Balloon

45. Boomerang

46. BB Gun

47. Bear

48. Bug

49. Bat

50. Bulldozer

51. Bus

52. Boat

53. Build-a-Bear

54. Board Games

55. Battle Ships

56. Bop-It

57. Brachiosaurus (Dinosaur)

58. Bruder Construction Toys

59. Beads

60. Bean Bags

61. Bowling set

62. Black Board (Chalk Board)

63. Balance Board

64. Bike

65. Body board

66. Bounce House

67. Ball Pit

Pin text reads, Food Ideas for Letter B. Graphics of bacon, beef, basil, broccoli, Brussel sprouts and bread in a basket.

Food that Starts with B

68. Banana

69. Basil

70. Broccoli

71. Brussel Sprouts

72. Beans

73. Blackberries

74. Blueberries

75. Bell peppers

76. Beetroot

77. Bran Flakes

78. Barley

79. Bread

80. Butter

81. Bagel

82. Biscuits

83. Baking Powder

84. Baking Soda

85. Baklava

86. Baked Potato

87. Burrito

88. Bacon

89. Burger

90. Beef

91. Brisket

92. Bok Choy

Pin text reads, Animal Ideas for Letter B. Graphics of a butterfly, beetle, boa constrictor, bee, baboon, and bison.

Animals Beginning with B

93. Badger

94. Bat

95. Bird

96. Barn Owl

97. Bald Eagle

98. Bear

99. Butterfly

100. Bee

101. Beetle

102. Bull Frog

103. Black Widow Spider

104. Boa Constrictor

105. Blue Whale

106. Baboon

107. Bob Cat

108. Beaver

109. Bison

110. Buffalo

Pin text reads, Book ideas beginning with the letter B. Image of a kids bible.

Book Recommendations for the Letter B

111. The Big Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers (Check it out on Amazon)

112. Toddler Baking Cookbook (Check it out on Amazon)

113. Banana! (Check it out on Amazon)

114. Some Bugs (Check it out on Amazon)

115. There’s a Bear on my Chair (Check it out on Amazon)

Pin text reads, Clothing Ideas for Letter B. Graphics of a bonnet, ballet shoes, bracelet, belt and boots.

Clothing that Starts with the Letter B

116. Bandanna

117. Blazer

118. Blouse

119. Boots

120. Ballet Shoes

121. Bra

122. Bikini

123. Bath robe

124. Ball Gown

125. Bridesmaid dress

126. Bracelet

127. Belt

128. Bib

129. Beard Wig

130. Beanie

131. Beret

132. Bonnet

Pin text reads, Nature Objects That Start With B. Bluebell, Birch, Buttercup. Image of Bluebells.

Objects in Nature that Begin with the Letter B

133. Branch

134. Bramble

135. Birch Tree

136. Beech Tree

137. Banana Tree

138. Bluebell

139. Buttercup

140. Baby’s Breath

141. Begonia

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A pin with text reading, 100 ideas. Show and Tell Letter B. White background with coloured letters sprinkled on it.
A pin with text reading, 100+ Objects that start with letter B. White background with coloured letters sprinkled on it.