Valentines Day Tuff Tray Ideas

Are you looking for fun Valentines Tuff Tray Ideas for Valentine’s Day this year? I’ve got you covered with my selection of tried-and-tested Toddler and Preschooler Valentine’s Day Activities, ideal for your Tuff Tray.

I’ve tried these Valentine’s Day activities with the toddlers I childminded, as well as my own daughter who was a Preschooler at the time. They all loved them!

I loved watching how much fun they all had. It was also so quick and easy they were to create and tidy up again at the end! I hope you, and your Toddlers and Preschoolers, enjoy them as much as we did.

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A Valentines day themed tuff tray with a bowl of rice on it, some smaller bowls, spoons, and hearts, and a baking tray with cupcake cases.

Valentines Sensory Play Ideas for the Tuff Tray

This cute little Valentine’s Day Baking Tuff Tray is one of my favourite ideas for sensory play.

It just looks so inviting, and it’s great for your little ones imaginary play too.

My 4 year old daughter and 15 month old God-Daughter both enjoyed playing with this Valentines Activity.

It was super simple to set up too. Just a bowl of rice, some spoons, a few small bowls, a little jug, and some red and pink heart shapes and pom poms.

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An image of a tuff tray in the garden set up with an toddler or preschooler water play activity involving making flower soup. There is a bowl of pink coloured water, some smaller bowls, a soup ladle, and 3 heart shaped bowls with different coloured flowers in them. One of my Valentines tuff tray ideas.

Valentines Water Play Ideas for the Tuff Tray

This cute Valentines Water Play Activity could be done outside on a sunny day, with warm clothes on, or inside if the weather is bad.

Depending on where you live, you may have to settle for some artificial flowers at this time of year, but either works well for this activity.

This was just coloured water, flowers, and some bowls and spoons for making flower soup, or fairy potions!

For more Water Play Ideas, take a look at, Water Play Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Fun, Easy and Low-Prep

An image of a tuff tray with potato stamping set up.

Valentine’s Day Craft Activity

This is a super simple and fun Valentine’s Day Craft Activity for your Toddlers and Preschoolers to create.

My little one’s loved using the potato stamps I made for them, and creating Valentine’s Day Cards and Bookmarks for their Parents. A sweet little activity that worked well for me when I was a childminder.

If you’re interested in more Valentine’s Day Craft ideas, you may like my Valentine’s Handprint Wreath Craft, Valentine’s Day Fairy Wand Craft, and my Free Printable Color-In Valentine’s Day Cards.

A tuff tray set up with a bowl of water, some small bowls, pink and red feathers and pom poms. One of my Valentine's day tuff tray ideas.

Toddler Activities with a Valentine’s Day Theme

This Valentines Themed Water Play and Scooping Activity is fab for developing Fine Motor Skills in your Toddler or Preschooler.

Water Play should never be under-rated. Simple and easy to set up, yet they play with it for ages!

If you’re interested in more Fine Motor Skills Activities for little ones, you may like these Easy Fine Motor Skills Tuff Tray Ideas.

One of my Valentines day tuff tray ideas - a tuff tray set up with 3 heart shaped bowls, each with a number written in it and lots of hearts scattered around the edge for preschoolers and eyfs kids to practice their maths counting.

Valentine’s Day Maths Idea for the Tuff Tray

If you’re looking to incorporate Valentine’s Day into your School day, this is a great way to do it!

I simply popped a few heart-shaped bowls onto my Tuff Tray, and scattered on a bunch of hearts. I wrote a number on a piece of paper and put it into each bowl, so my little one could count the correct number of hearts for each bowl.

This is a great interactive Valentines Tuff Tray to make your counting lesson a little bit special.

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A tuff tray set up with one of my valentines daytuff tray ideas. There are hearts, and the word 'love' drawn on paper and then an assortment of heart stickers for toddlers and preschoolers to stick on the lines as a fine motor skills activity for valentines day.

Valentines Fine Motor Skills Tuff Tray Ideas

This one is another great Fine Motor Skills Activity for your Toddlers and Preschoolers. It’s great for encouraging future writing skills.

If your kiddos are anything like mine, then they just LOVE stickers! This Valentines activity takes full advantage of that, by encouraging them to stick stickers around the outline of a heart and the word love. This is great for letter recognition, and could be used to help them learn to recognise their own names too.

For more ideas to help your Preschooler learn to Write their Name, check out Teach Your Kid to Write Their Name: 15+ Fun and Easy Activities

I hope you enjoyed these fun Valentine’s Day Tuff Tray Ideas as much as we did!

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Pin text reads, 5+ valentines tuff tray ideas toddlers and preschoolers will love. Photos of 4 of them.

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