Daniel and the Lions Den Sunday School Lesson [Free Resources]

If you’re on the look out for a Daniel and the Lions Den Sunday School Lesson, these activities are just what you need! I’ve included a story idea, craft, memory verse, word search, I Spy activity sheet, and a coloring page focussing on the Daniel and the Lions Den Bible Story.

These ideas are easily adapted to different ages, and can be done with an individual child if you are home schooling, or in a classroom, or Sunday School setting.

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An image of the Jesus Storybook Bible

Daniel and the Lions Den Story

To tell the Daniel and the Lions Den Story, we like to use The Jesus Storybook Bible, from Amazon, as it relates each story back to our redemption in an age-appropriate way. It’s also got beautiful, bright pictures to go along with each story.

To make the story really come alive, it’s fun to act it out! You could get the kids to play various characters and act out the story while you read it. This works well for a confident, lively group of kids. Alternatively, once you have made the craft that goes with this lesson, you could use the characters to act out the story like a little show for the kids to watch.

Before I tell my kids a story from the bible, I like to read up on it myself, so that I’m prepared for any questions! I mean, let’s face it, the kid’s bibles don’t usually include quite as much detail as the bible does. You can find the story of ‘Daniel in the Lions Den’ here in Chapter 6 of the book of Daniel.

Memory Verse

“In God I trust, I will not be afraid.” Psalm 56:11

Although this one isn’t actually from the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den, I feel it’s a very relevant one for this story. I have included this memory verse in the coloring sheet printable that you can grab further down via the pink download button at the bottom of the page!

Coloring sheet with 2 lions and a boy to represent the story of daniel and the lions den and a bible verse above. small square in corner says free pdf.

Coloring Page for Daniel and the Lions Den

I created this Daniel and the Lions Den coloring page as I know how much my own kids love to color in. I’ve included the memory verse for this lesson in the coloring sheet too to help them remember! You can download this coloring sheet, along with my other free resources for this lesson by clicking the pink download button at the bottom of the article.

Daniel and the Lions Den Craft image made using free printable.

Daniel and the Lion’s Den Craft

You can prepare this cute craft in about 5 minutes! It’s great if you’re short on time, and want a craft that uses things you commonly have lying around your home or classroom. You can find instructions and grab the characters from the free printable in this crafts post here.

Text reads, I Spy bible daniel and the lions den pdf download and the image is of my free kids i spy activity sheet printable.

I Spy Activity [Free Printable]

This Daniel and the Lions Den I Spy Activity is just a little bit of fun really! However, it also helps your little ones to remember all the characters in this bible story, especially if you chat about who everyone is and what their role was, while they search.

an image of my daniel and the lions den wordsearch with the words free pdf across it.

Daniel and the Lions Den Wordsearch

A wordsearch is a fun way for kids to practice their reading at the same time as remembering the story they’ve just learnt. Each time they find a word, they could tell you where it fits into the story and it’s relevance. To grab your copy of this free printable, go to the pink download button at the bottom of the page.

Grab your Daniel and the Lions Den Sunday School Lesson Resources here!

You can download the Coloring Sheet, I Spy Activity, and the Wordsearch as one easy, free, pdf download by clicking on the big, pink, download button below. If you would like the printable that goes with the Daniel and the Lions Den Craft, you can find it in the ‘you may also like’ section just below.

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