Why New Parents Everywhere Are Falling in Love with These Bridgerton Inspired Names!

Dearest gentle reader, if you are currently with child and Bridgerton Inspired Names are what you seek, rest assured, I shall not disappoint! Having procured you a list of the very best names of the ton this season, I must admit I was delighted to come upon the first name of Brimsley, the Queen’s right-hand man. A noble name indeed, and not one to be over-looked!

With the return of the ton this Spring, it seems highly likely a rise in elegant, fashionable, Bridgerton inspired baby names will soon follow. Having watched this occur over the course of the previous seasons, and with the shows ever-growing audience, I feel I can confidently predict we shall see the same pattern repeat itself once again this season.

But what is all this excitement over precisely? Why is it that we love about these old-fashioned, regal sounding? And which charming names might you, dear reader, have left off your list?

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Why are new parents choosing Bridgerton Inspired Names?

Choosing a name for your precious diamond is a most important occupation. It takes time, careful consideration, and much discussion with your Lord or Lady. It is not a choice to be entered into lightly. A name will stick with your little sparkler throughout their life, for better or for worse, and what better way to secure their future than with an elegant Bridgeton inspired name?

Aside from this most obvious reason, there are several more I feel it is my duty to bestow upon you.

1. Perhaps it is simply basic Psychology

Firstly, is it not often the case that one will subconsciously favor a name of a person dear to them? Therefore, it would seem, the more we indulge in the revelry and excitement of the ton, the more we fall in love with it’s people and consequently their names.

2. We love the Thrill and Whimsy of Bridgerton

One might be persuaded into thinking that by naming our precious offspring after an esteemed member of the ton, we are encouraging a little more thrill and whimsy into our own lives. This author firmly believes one can never have enough whimsy in one’s life!

3. We are all looking for Greater Meaning

Despite the beauty, wonder and elegance of the balls of the ton, is it not true, we are all looking for a deeper meaning to our lives? Perhaps this begins with a name accompanied by a sentimental meaning.

4. We all want to Sparkle

If we are being honest with ourselves, we all long to sparkle and be the diamond of our own season. There’s something so unique, beautiful, rare, and special about a diamond. When it comes to naming our little one, perhaps we desire no different?

Or perhaps, one is just secretly hopeful that by giving their heir a regal sounding name, they will position them well for success on the marriage mart one day!

Whatever your reason for perusing my collection today, I truly do hope you find the perfect Bridgerton inspired baby name that you are searching for.

pin text reads, dearest gentle reader, allow me to present to you the best bridgerton inspired names of the ton this season! Image of mom kissing her baby.

Bridgerton Sibling Names

The Late Viscount Bridgerton and the Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton took great pains in naming their children in an orderly manner. Naming them alphabetically showed great consideration for those who may, from time to time, forget the birth order of the charming siblings Bridgerton.

Of my compilations, these are the names proving to be the most popular, and I’ll wager a guess that their popularity will not be short lived!

And so, dear reader, I shall give you a brief overview of their meaning should you too decide to choose one of these charming names yourself.

Anthony has been the head of the Bridgerton household since the age of 18, after tragically losing his dad to a rare fatal bee sting. His name means ‘priceless one’ or “praiseworthy”.

Benedict is the artistic, creative, second son and his name means “blessed”.

Colin is both a traveller and we later discover, a writer. His name means “victory of the people”.

Daphne is the elegant, sophisticated, eldest Bridgerton sister. Her name means “laurel tree”.

Eloise is the high-spirited feminist in the show, full of opinions and not afraid to let everyone know them! Her name means “famous warrior” which seems fitting!

Francesca is introverted and appreciates fine music and a bit of peace and quiet, not often found in the Bridgerton household! Her name means “free”.

Gregory is the youngest Bridgerton male. His name means “vigilant and watchful” which is very much how he appears in the show!

Hyacinth is named after the Hyacinth flower which was the late Viscount’s favorite flower.

Bridgerton Family & Friends Names

Now the thing about a diamond is it stands out in a crowd, precisely because of it’s rare beauty. If it’s a rare beauty of a name you seek, then cast your eyes, dear reader, upon these elegant members of the ton.




Katharine (Kate)








Sophia (Sophie)



Lucinda (Lucy)









August (Augie)

Pin text reads, the most charming bridgerton inspired names for the mom seeking elegance and sophistication and image of newborn baby.

Bridgerton Inspired Names you may have missed

And now, dearest gentle reader, for some names you may have missed in your introductions to the ton…

Bartholomew (Brimsley’s first name)












Rose (Daphne’s lady’s maid)

Rae (Penelope’s lady’s maid)


Araminta (Cressida’s mum)

And there you have it, dear reader, my proposals for your naming quandary. I wish you every success in your endeavours and I await with great excitement your little one’s introduction to the ton in due course.

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