Easy Nativity Suncatcher Craft for Kids

Are you looking for an EASY NATIVITY SUNCATCHER CRAFT for kids? This cute little one is for you! Super simple, yet fun to do and pretty to look at!

This is a great paper craft to do at Christmas time with little kids, especially if you’re teaching them about the first Christmas and the Nativity Story.


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What you Need for the Suncatcher Nativity Craft

Image of an old cereal box, scissors, contact paper, tissue paper and a pen.

To make the Kids Suncatcher Nativity Craft you’ll need:

  • Black and Orange Pen
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard (I used an old cereal box)

Step 1 : Make the Nativity Characters

The back of an old cereal box has a black block picture of mary, joseph, baby jesus and an orange star

Step 1

  • Simply draw the outlines of the nativity characters you want to include on to your cardboard.
  • Colour in the outlines black to make silhouettes.

Step 2: Cut out the Nativity Characters

The bits and pieces are cut out and laid out in place on the table with scissors that were used sitting alongside.

Step 2

  • Cut out the Nativity characters.
  • Cut out the outline of a stable (see photo)
  • Cut 3 short strips of cardboard to make a manger for Baby Jesus (see photo)

Step 3: Stick the Nativity Scene to the Contact Paper

The cut out pieces for the nativity scene are placed face down onto the contact paper

Step 3

  • Stick the Stable outline onto your contact paper face down.
  • Place on the Nativity Characters and Manger, face down.

Step 4: Add Coloured Tissue Paper

The nativity pieces have been covered with an assortment of coloured tissue paper to create a stained glass/suncatcher affect.

Step 4

  • Rip up small pieces of coloured tissue paper.
  • Stick on the pieces of tissue paper, with a mixture of colours until all the gaps inside the manger have been filled.

Step 5: Finishing off

An image of a Nativity Suncatcher Kids Craft. Stained glass affect Nativity picture.

Step 5

  • Cut around the edges of your Stable to trim the excess contact paper.
  • You can now display your Kids Nativity Suncatcher Craft on a sunny window. I have just used blue tac to stick mine to the window, but you could attach a little ribbon to hang it up over a window or on your Christmas tree.

I hope you enjoy making this fun Nativity Craft with your kids as much as I did! If you did, please feel free to share it with friends and family.

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