Things that Start with a J (100+ Ideas)

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I’ve popped Easy Show and Tell Letter J Objects at the top of the Household and Toys sections for ease, then the list moves onto Animals, Food, Clothing, Books, and things in Nature that Start with a J.

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Household Things That Start With a J

1. Jewellery Box

2. Jar

3. Jar Opener

4. Journal

5. Joke Book

6. Jay Cloth

7. Jute Bag

8. Jug

9. Junk

10. Jelly Mould

11. Jazz instrument

12. Joy stick

13. Juicer

14. Jack Hammer

15. Jacuzzi

Toys That Begin With The Letter J

16. Jet

17. Jeep

18. Jaguar

19. John Deer

20. Jack in the box

21. Jigsaw

22. Jenga

23. Jump Rope

24. Jasmine (from Aladdin)

25. Joy (Inside Out)

26. Jupiter (Fire Engine from Fireman Sam)

27. Jupiter (Planet – from a solar system model)

28. Jessie (Toy Story)

29. Jane (Tarzan)

30. Jett (Super Wings)

31. JJ (Cocomelon)

32. Jake (Tweenies)

33. Jesus (Baby Jesus Nativity Set)

34. Jaxartosaurus (Dinosaur)

35. Jurassic World Lego

36. Jewels

37. Javelin (foam toy)

38. Juke Box

Food Beginning with J

39. Jelly / Jello

40. Jelly Donut

41. Jam Roly Poly

42. Jaffa Cakes

43. Jammy Dodgers

44. Jelly Beans

45. Jawbreakers

46. Jamaican Ginger Cake

47. Jam

48. Java Fruit

49. Juniper Berry

50. Jackfruit

51. Jocote Fruit

52. Juice

53. Jasmine Tea

54. Juice Box

55. Jalapeno

56. Jerk Chicken

57. Jerky

58. Jellied Eels

59. Jacket Potato

60. Jollof Rice

Animals That Begin With The Letter J

61. Jellyfish

62. Japanese Eel

63. Jaw Fish

64. Jewel Fish

65. Jerboa

66. Jay

67. Jame’s Flamingo

68. Jamaican Woodpecker

69. Jackson’s Hornbill

70. Jambu Fruit Dove

71. Jackel

72. Jaguar

73. Japanese Macaque

Clothing Items Beginning With Letter J

74. Jacket

75. Jersey

76. Jumper

77. Joggers

78. Jeans

79. Jeggings

80. Jodhpurs

81. Jumpsuit

82. Jewellery

83. Jellies

84. Jazz Shoes

Kid’s Books For Letter J

85. Don’t Put Your Finger In The Jelly, Nelly! (Check it out on Amazon)

86. The Jungle Book (Check it out on Amazon)

87. Jingle Bells (Check it out on Amazon)

88. The Little Jeep Who Couldn’t Beep (Check it out on Amazon)

Things in Nature That Start With a J

89. Juniper

90. Jamaican Caper Tree

91. Japanese Cedar

92. Japanese Lilac Tree

93. Japanese Umbrella Pine

94. Jellyfish Tree

95. Jasmine

Countries Beginning with J

96. Japan

97. Jamaica

98. Jordan

Body Parts Beginning with The Letter J

99. Jaw

100. Jugular

101. Joints

I hope you found this ultimate list of 100+ things that start with a letter J useful as you teach your Preschooler their alphabet.

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