Things that Start with an I (100+ Ideas)

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I’ve popped Easy Show and Tell Letter I Objects at the top of the Household and Toys sections for ease, then the list moves onto Animals, Food, Clothing, Books, and things in Nature that Start with an I.

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Household Things that Start with an I

1. Image

2. Illustration

3. Inhaler

4. Infuser Water Bottle

5. Ice Cube Tray

6. Ice

7. Incense

8. Index card

9. Italics (writing)

10. Identity Card

11. Internet Router

12. Ice Cream Maker

13. Ice chest

14. Ink

15. Ink Pot

16. Ibuprofen

17. Iron

18. Iron Skillet

19. Ipod

20. IPhone

21. IPad

22. Ironing Board

Toys that Begin with the Letter I

23. Itsy Bitsy Spider Toy

24. Iron Man

25. Incredible Hulk

26. Incredibles Figure

27. Isabela (Encanto)

28. Inspector Gadget

29. Imaginext

30. Iguanadon (dinosaur)

31. Isisaurus (dinosaur)

32. Irritator (dinosaur)

33. Indosuchus (dinosaur)

34. Interactive Robot

35. Inside Out Movie Figures

36. I Spy Game

37. Ice Block Breaking Game

38. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

39. Imagination Magnets

40. Insect Finding Kit

41. Instrument

42. Inflatable Pool

43. Inflatable Floats

Food Beginning with I

44. Ice Cream

45. Iceberg Lettuce

46. Inca Berries

47. Icaco

48. Ice Plant

49. Ilama

50. Ice Cubes

51. Ice Pops

52. Ice Lolly

53. Icing

54. Irish Stew

55. Indian Curry

56. Italian Sausage

57. Instant Noodles

58. Iced Donut

59. Iced Coffee

60. Iced Tea

61. Instant Coffee

Animals that Start with the Letter I

62. Iguana

63. Immortal Jellyfish

64. Indian Elephant

65. Ibex

66. Ibis

67. Insect

68. Inch Worm

69. Imperial Moth

Clothing Objects that Start with an I

70. Ice Skates

71. Inline Skates

72. Insoles

73. Icelandic Sweater

74. Indian Sari

75. Irish Sweater (Aran Sweater)

Kids Book Ideas for Letter I

76. Iguanas Love Bananas (Check it out on Amazon)

77. Itsy Bitsy Spider (Check it out on Amazon)

78. Dinosaur Chew! The Iguanodon (Check it out on Amazon)

79. When Ice Cream Had a Meltdown (Check it out on Amazon)

Things found in Nature that Start with an I

80. Ice

81. Igloo

82. Ivy

83. Iris

84. Ice Plant

85. Indian Blanket

86. Inkwood

87. Indigo Bush

88. Irish Moss

Countries that Start with an I

89. India

90. Italy

91. Iceland

92. Indonesia

93. Iraq

94. Iran

95. Israel

96. Ireland

Body Parts beginning with an I

97. Intestine

98. Index Finger

99. Internal Organs

100. Iris

101. Incisor Tooth

I hope you found this ultimate list of 100+ things that start with a letter I useful as you teach your Preschooler their alphabet.

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