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Things that Start with K (100+ Ideas)

Are you searching for the Ultimate List of Things that Start with a K?

This is it!

The Easy Show and Tell Letter K Objects are at the top of the Household and Toys sections for ease, then the list moves onto Animals, Books, Clothing, Food, and things in Nature that Start with a K.

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Household Things that Start with a K

1. Keys

2. Keychain

3. Key Fob

4. Key Card

5. Kleenex

6. Knitting Needles

7. Knitting Pattern

8. Knocker

9. Knob

10. Knapsack

11. Knick Knacks

12. Knife

13. Kohl

14. Kettle

15. Keg

16. Keyboard

17. Kennel

Show and Tell Toys for Letter K

18. Kinetic Sand

19. King (Figure)

20. Knight (Figure)

21. Kings Crown (dress up)

22. Knights Helmet (dress up)

23. Kwasi (Octonauts)

24. Ken doll

25. Kanga (Winnie-the-Pooh)

26. King Kong Figure

27. Kristoff (Frozen)

28. King Louie (Jungle Book)

29. KitiKats Toys

30. King (Chess piece)

31. Kung Fu Panda

32. Kazoo

33. Keyboard

34. Kayak

35. Kitchen Set

36. Kaleidoscope

37. Kickball

38. Kerplunk

39. K’Nex

40. Kite

41. Karaoke Machine

Food that Starts with K

42. KitKat

43. Kettle Corn

44. Krispie Treats

45. Key Lime Pie

46. Krispy Kreme

47. Ketchup

48. Kiwi

49. Kabosu (fruit)

50. Kumquat (fruit)

51. Kiwano (fruit)

52. Kale

53. Kidney Beans

54. Kimchi

55. Kababs

56. Kippers

57. Kedgeree

58. Kung Pao Chicken

59. Kidney

60. Kachori

61. Koolaid

Animals Beginning with K

62. Kangaroo

63. Komodo Dragon

64. Koala

65. Kitten

66. Kodak

67. Kinkajou

68. Kudu

69. Kodiak Bear

70. King Cobra

71. Killer Whale

72. Krill

73. Kangaroo Rat

74. Katydid (insect)

75. Kingfisher

76. Kestrel

77. Kiwi

Clothing that Starts with K

78. Knitted Jumper

79. Khakis

80. Kicks

81. Kimona

82. Knee Socks

83. Kaftan

84. Karate Belt

85. Kilt

86. Knights Armour (dress up)

Kid’s Book Ideas for Letter K

87. The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight (Check it out on Amazon)

88. Gus The Farting Kangaroo Detective (Check it out on Amazon)

89. Karate Kid (Check it out on Amazon)

90. Winnie-the-Pooh Meets the King (Check it out on Amazon)

Things in Nature that Start with a K

91. Kentucky Coffee Tree

92. Kapur Tree

93. Kaki Tree

94. Kangaroo Paw (flowers)

95. Kings Spear (flowers)

96. Knobbed Whelk (shell)

Body Parts That Start with a K

97. Knee

98. Kidney

99. Knuckle

Countries that Start with a K

100. Kazakhstan

101. Korea

102. Kenya

103. Kuwait

104. Kyrgyzstan

105. Kosovo

106. Kiribati

107. Kingdom of Serbia

I hope you found this ultimate list of 100+ things that start with a letter K useful as you teach your Preschooler their alphabet.

If you did, please share it with your fellow mom friends and colleagues.

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Pin text reads, 100 ideas. show and tell letter K. Background is white with colored letters.
Pin text reads, 100+ objects that start with letter K. Background is white with colored letters.

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