The Best 14 Mom Blogs to Follow in 2024

Over the last few years there’s been a huge increase in the number of Mom Blogs, showing the need of all Mom’s to seek support, advice, and community. But, with so many Mom Blogs out there, how do you know where to start, which one is the best to follow in 2024?

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Well now, that all rather depends on you. Not every Mom blog is going to suit you or be the best one for you. And so, with that in mind, I have categorised my list of the 14 best mom blogs, to make it quicker and easier for you to find your match.

2024’s Best Mom Blogs: Categories

These are the categories I have at the moment, but I will be continuing to add to this as and when I discover new mom blogs, so if there is a category you feel I have missed, please let me know in the comments.

  • Pregnancy and Baby Blogs
  • Toddler Blogs
  • Personal Stories
  • Adoption Blogs
  • Kids Crafts + Activities Blogs

Of course, many of the Mom Blogs we cover will fit into a few of these categories, as these blogs often grow as the Mom’s kids grow!

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Best Mom Blog Criteria

I have chosen these blogs as I love how they cover not just the challenges, but also the joys unique to motherhood.

They provide a diverse range of content, touching on everything from natural baby care to successful parenting techniques, crafts & activities to home learning. I have generally tried to avoid blogs that are too big and corporate-like, covering anything and everything and focussed in on the Mom Blogs that offer real warmth and a community-feel.

These inspirational mom blogs will have you laughing, and crying, and then laughing some more!

I love the mixture of personal anecdotes, tried-and-tested advice, product recommendations, and activity ideas that come with most of these Mom blogs. And of course, it is important to me that the website is easy to navigate so you can find what you’re searching for at any given time.

The Best Mom Blogs to read during your Pregnancy

Mama Natural – Best for all things Natural

Looking for advice and anecdotes to help you through a natural pregnancy, natural childbirth, and natural baby and toddler care? This is probably the biggest blog out there for this!

The Founder, Genevieve, boasts not only a best-selling childbirth book and popular Youtube channel, but also a Birth Course, and she has a team of trained professionals assisting in the advice of the blog.

Fine out more about Mama Natural here!

Blunders in Babyland – Best for Actionable Advice

If it’s relatability and practical advice you need, then this is where you want to be!

Erin, the Founder of Blunders in Babyland, comes across as friendly and down-to-earth. She shares from her own personal experience as a Mom to two, as well as allowing other Moms to contribute tips and wisdom from their own journeys.

If you’re searching for answers to questions like; ‘Why won’t they just sleep?’, ‘How do I produce more Milk?’, or ‘What should I call my Baby?’ she will have the answers for you!

Check out Blunders in Babyland here!

Pregnant Chicken – Best for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Pregnant Chicken is a big blog, with a mixture of expert advice, personal stories, and product recommendations. It has a wealth of posts on all things Pregnancy, Postpartum, and the first year of babies life.

Their goal is to encourage and reassure new moms.

Find out more about Pregnant Chicken here!

The Best Mom Blogs for the Toddler Years

Toddler Approved – Best for Easy Toddler Activities

As well as Super Easy Toddler Activities that encourage learning and development, this blog, run by a former teacher and mom of four, has parenting advice for all those common toddler challenges we are faced with, gift guides, and travel advice for travelling with toddlers.

A great resource for those wonderful, but often tricky, toddler years!

Check out Toddler Approved here!

Big Little Feelings – Best for Toddler Parenting Advice

This refreshing toddler blog is run by Mom Friends; Kristin, a parent coach, and Deena, a licensed child therapist. They combine theory and practice to make their advice work for any Moms new to the toddler years, or anyone just seeking out some advice to make this stage go smoother for their family.

As their name suggests, this is a great place to go to help your little one learn to manage their big feelings!

Find out more about Big Little Feelings here!

Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds – Best for Fun Learning

Run by teacher of 22 years, Sheryl, this blog is great for those looking to ‘homeschool’ their toddler and preschooler, as well as just any of us wanting to encourage a love of learning within our little ones.

There are loads of games, activities, and free printables on this blog to help you teach your little one, whilst they just have fun playing!

Check out Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds here!

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The Best Mom Blogs for Personal Stories

Her View From Home – The Best for Sentimental Stories

If you’re looking for some solidarity, a good laugh, or a good cry, someone who’s been through what you’re going through and come out the other side, then Her View from Home is the blog for you. It is one of my personal favourites.

With personal stories from hundreds of contributors, this blog has a post for you. I’m sure of it! A vast array of perspectives and reflections on Motherhood.

This one usually gets me in the heartstrings!

Check out Her View from Home here!

Parents – Best for Diverse Voices & Expert Reviews

This blog is massive! I love the diversity of contributors and subjects covered in relation to parenting.

Perhaps less of a Mom Blog and more of a general parenting blog, this one covers everything from starting a family to all the years until they leave home! With expert opinions and reviews of anything medical, it’s definitely a safe place to gather your information from!

Learn more about ‘Parents’ here!

The Best Mom Blogs on Adoption / Foster Care

Ripped Jeans and Bifocals – International Adoption

Jill is so easy to listen to, as that’s exactly what it feels like when you’re reading her blog, like you’re curled up with a cuppa listening to her speak. She answers common adoption questions and talks about her own experience adopting two boys from China. If personal adoption stories and advice on all things US International Adoption are what you’re after, this is the blog for you.

Check out Ripped Jeans and Bifocals here!

Adoption UK Blog – Best for UK Adoption Stories & Advice

Adoption UK is, in my opinion, the best Adoption Blog in the UK as it has so many personal stories and anecdotes from Adopters the whole length of the UK.

It covers everything from Assessment, to Approvals Panel, Matching Panel, Introductions, the Frist Month Home, School, Additional Support Needs and Disabilities, the teen years. There is legal advice, school advice, Financial support, Life Story Ideas, Training, Attachment, and Trauma Advice.

Contributors range from experts in various fields, to Adopters, and those who have been Adopted. Many of the contributors have their own blogs or social media page so you can fall down a rabbit hole with this one!

Check out the Adoption UK Blog here!

Ransom for Israel – Thought Provoking & Real

Stacey is so full of compassion and love. She writes with great understanding and emotion about her journey of adopting 5 of her 7 children.

She has adopted through the US foster care system and internationally, including children with additional support needs.

Her blog is thought provoking and very real. In recent times she has updated her blog less, and now often writes long-form stories on her facebook page, which is well worth following.

Take a look at Ransom for Israel here!

The Best Mom Blogs for Kids Crafts and Activities

Busy Toddler – Best for Fun Toddler Activities

I absolutely love how well organised this blog is, and that there is a picture for each category too! It makes navigating it and finding what you need so much easier.

This blog is absolutely stuffed full of fun and educational activity ideas to keep your toddlers and pre-schoolers happy and busy. Separated into categories, it’s super easy to find exactly the inspiration you need at any given time!

Check out Busy Toddler here!

Confessions of Parenting – Best for Family Games & Activities

This blog is an absolute treasure trove of Fun Games, Jokes, and Activities you can enjoy with your kids.

The focus is on building relationship and bringing the family together to build memories you’ll all cherish. If you’re a tired parent, looking for some easy ideas, you’ll love Michelle Tripple’s Blog! Most of these are available as Free Printables too!

Check out Confessions of Parenting here!

Artsy Craftsy Mom – Best for Easy Craft Projects for Any Age

Shruti, from the Artsy Craftsy Mom, has over 1,000 arts and crafts projects on her site, along with video tutorials. The craft activities are categorised by age of child, from 0 – 13+, by holiday, and by season, making it nice and easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

It will be a while before you run out of arts and crafts ideas with this blog by your side!

Take a look at Artsy Craftsy Mom here!

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