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FREE Printable Potty Training Charts & Easy Reward Ideas

Potty Training is such a huge milestone in your child’s life. While some little one’s are super excited to start wearing grown-up pants, other kids may be more apprehensive about this huge change. Fun Potty Training Charts, like these Free Printable ones I’ve created, can really help generate that much needed enthusiasm to get rid of nappies once and for all!

I have created 5 Unique Potty Training Charts for you to choose from, so hopefully you will find one that’s perfect! My daughter’s favourite is the Unicorn design! If you scroll to the bottom you’ll find pictures of the designs available and the button to press to grab them!

What are the Benefits of using a Potty Training Chart?

A Potty Training Chart is a great tool to have as you approach potty training.

  • It helps to generate some excitement and enthusiasm about this new step. This is especially helpful if your little one is feeling nervous or struggles with change.
  • A Potty Training Chart helps to build your child’s self-esteem as they can see their progress in a visual way.
  • Using a chart provides positive reinforcement for your child. They get a sticker immediately after using the potty, encouraging them to do the same next time.

How to Use Your Potty Training Chart

Display it Prominently

Once you have printed off your Free Potty Training Printable Chart, it’s best to stick it up somewhere in the bathroom where your child can see and reach it. This way they can see how well they are doing and add their sticker to it each time they use the potty.

Deciding What to Reward

It’s completely up to you whether you choose to reward sitting on the potty and trying, or only when they manage to do something on the potty. Both have their advantages.

From personal experience, I found that my son lost interest quickly if only rewarded for success. It worked best for him, when I focussed on effort. He got a reward for sitting on the toilet and trying when I asked him to. However my daughter would have sat on the potty every 5 minutes to earn more stickers if that had been an option, so for her it was best to reward actual success.

Tracking Chart or Reward Chart

There are a few different ways you can use your Free Printable Potty Training Chart.

  • To Track your Child’s Progress with them, using a sticker or stamp to mark when they have used the Potty. Kids are often excited just by the fun of placing stickers on a chart and feeling that sense of accomplishment, alongside your praise. This method worked well for my daughter.
  • As a Reward Chart, where your child earns a specific reward once they have filled their chart with stickers.

Easy Reward Ideas for Potty Training Charts

When it comes to rewards for Potty Training, some parents use them and others don’t. There’s no right or wrong way really, and it can vary depending on your child.

For some children, like my daughter, a reward isn’t necessary. They are motivated and excited to become more independent and grown-up. They enjoy putting stickers on their Potty Training Chart and showing everyone who comes to the house!

For other kids, like my son, Potty Training holds no such excitement. They are quite content in their nappies, thank you very much, and have absolutely no intention of wasting their precious playing time going to the toilet! These are the types that often need a small reward to motivate them, in the early stages at least!

I’ve found that the best rewards are small and immediate.

  • Small Sweet / Candy
  • Small tub of bubbles
  • Sheet of fun stickers
  • Pencil / Crayon / Chalk (Open a new pack and gift one individually each time)
  • Small books
  • Sunflower seeds to plant with you
  • A new pair of grown-up pants

5 FREE Printable Potty Training Charts

These Potty Training Charts can all be used as reward charts or just as a fun way for your little ones to track their Potty Training Progress. Scroll through the various designs and hopefully you will find the perfect one for your little person. (The button to download them is at the bottom of the post.)

Pin text reads, Potty Training Chart Printable Free PDF Download. Image of a Dinosaur Potty training chart.

This fun Dinosaur Potty Training Chart is perfect for any little dino lovers out there! Each time they use the potty, they can add a sticker to the next footprint as they help Tiny T-Rex along the path to find his friends.

Pin text reads, Potty Training Chart Printable Free PDF Download. Image of a Princess Potty training chart.

Does your little one love Princesses? If so, they’ll love helping this little Princess get to her carriage, by placing a sticker on the next step of the path each time they use the potty.

Pin text reads, Potty Training Chart Printable Free PDF Download. Image of a Digger Potty training chart.

If it’s vehicles they’re into, this fun Digger Potty Training Chart is the one for them! They can help the Digger reach the building site, by sticking a sticker on the next step each time they use the potty.

Pin text reads, Potty Training Chart Printable Free PDF Download. Image of a Unicorn Potty training chart.

Any Unicorn fans out there? If so, they’ll love helping little Unicorn find her way to her friends birthday party, by adding a sticker to the next stepping stone each time they use the potty.

Pin text reads, Potty Training Chart Printable Free PDF Download. Image of a colored Potty training chart.

I really hope one of these charts gets your little one excited about toilet training. Let me know how you get on with them! And when you’re ready to try night time potty training, be sure to check out my post on that!

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