Show and Tell Letter W Ideas (100+ Suggestions)

Need some show-and-tell ideas for the letter W?

I’ve got you covered with these 100 items your kid can fit in their backpack!

These ideas also work for PreK teachers and home-schooling moms who are teaching their little ones about the letter W.

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I’ve split this list into sections, with the quick and easy items you can grab right away near the top.

I’ve then added some interesting and unique items for if you have some more time, or are a teacher who wants to explore the letter W in more depth. These ideas include things you can find on a nature walk and easy crafts beginning with W that you can make with your kids, as well as common household items.

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Show and Tell Toy Ideas for Letter W

Although it can be hard to think of things beginning with the letter W, several common childhood toys begin with a W. Below is a list of some toys and games that begin with a W.


2. Water pistol

3. Wand

4. Walkie Talkie

5. Wooden blocks

6. Wonder Women

7. Wings

8. W alphabet letter (either wooden, a bath toy, or a magnetic letter)

9. Wheels (from a toy car)

10. Weather Vane

11. Wheelchair (some dolls, like barbies can have wheelchairs)

12. Wooden furniture (from a dolls house)

13. Wagon (miniature one or photo of big one)

14. Water colour paints

15. Water balloons

16. Witch Costume

17. Wizard Costume

18. Wardrobe (from dolls house)

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Clothing Beginning with the Letter W

While they may not immediately come to mind, especially if you’re in a hurry, there are several clothing items that begin with the letter W. Check out this list of clothing beginning with W below.

19. Wellie boots (rubber boots)

20. Waterproofs

21. Wet suit

22. Waist coat

23. Wedding Dress (a dolls or a photo of one)

24. Wedding Ring (a photo)

25. Wig

26. Watch

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Show and Tell Animal Ideas for Letter W

I’m going to assume that, unless pre-arranged, your kid’s PreK teacher won’t be best pleased if they bring an actual real-life animal to school in their backpack! Nor would the poor animal, I imagine!

Instead, why not find toy animals, photographs of animals, magazine cuttings of animals, or books with pictures of these animals?

27. Whale

28. Water Buffalo

29. Whale Shark

30. Woodpecker

31. Weasel

32. Warthog

33. Walrus

34. Wallaby

35. Wolf

36. Wooly Monkey

37. Wombat

38. Worm

39. Woodlouse

40. Wild Cat

41. Western Rat Snake

42. Wasp

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Books and DVD’s Beginning with the Letter W

There are a few classic childhood books (and DVDs) that begin with the letter W. Then there are round-up type books, like the World Records book or books about world flags.

Hopefully you’ll be able to find at least one or two of these in your home too.

43. Where’s Wally? (Check it out on Amazon)

44. Winnie-the-Pooh (Check it out on Amazon)

45. Why not? Over 1,111 Answers to Everything (Check it out on Amazon)

46. World Atlas Sticker Activity Book (Check it out on Amazon)

47. World Flag Books (Check it out on Amazon)

48. The Weather Girls (Check it out on Amazon)

49. The Windy Day (Check it out on Amazon)

50. Where the Wild Things Are (Check it out on Amazon)

51. The Wombles (Check it out on Amazon)

52. The Wiggles (Check it out on Amazon)

53. Wind in the Willows (Check it out on Amazon)

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Show and Tell Food Ideas for Letter W

There are numerous items of food that begin with the letter W.

I have tried to avoid listing very obscure foods in this list, as I wanted the things to be easily available for you to find.

Before sending in any food items, it’s worth checking with the class teacher, in case anyone in the class has allergies to certain foods.

54. Waffle

55. Wild Rice

56. Wraps

57. Walnuts

58. Water Cress

59. Wonton

60. Wheetabix

61. Wonka Bars (candy)

62. Winter Squash

63. White Chocolate

64. Water

65. Whoppers (candy)

66. Werther’s Original (candy)

67. White Rice

68. Wakame (edible seaweed)

69. Wispa (candy bar)

70. White Figs

71. Water Chestnuts

72. White Asparagus

73. Wagon Wheels

74. Whipped Cream

75. Watermelon

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Arts and Crafts Beginning with Letter W

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and have some time spare, I have included this list of easy crafts you and your little one can make together beginning with the letter W.

76. Wind Chimes

77. Windmill

78. Wind Sock

79. Woodwind Instrument

80. Witches Hat

81. Wizards Wand

If you want some more craft ideas for the letter W, take a look at The Measured Moms, 11 Crafts for Letter W.

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Household Items Beginning with Letter W

82. Water bottle (a drinking water bottle or hot water bottle)

83. Wok (a very small one)

84. Whisk

85. Wooden spoon

86. Wash Cloth

87. Wallet

88. Watering can

89. Wall paper (a small piece)

90. Writing (on a letter or in a card)

91. White Paint (on a paint sample or a painting they have made)

92. Wax Candle

93. Wipes (baby wipes)

94. Wool

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Show and Tell Nature Ideas for Letter W

If you can’t find any of these in nature, then you could find them in a nature book, or a picture from the internet.

However, depending on where you live, you may easily find some of these in your garden, or on your walk to school.

95. Willow (small branch or leaf)

96. Web from a spider

97. Weeds

98. Whelk Shell

99. White Pine Tree (small branch or leaf)

100. Walnut Tree (small branch or leaf)

101. Wild Cherry Tree (small branch or leaf)

102. Witch Hazel Tree (small branch or leaf)

Things That Begin With The Letter ‘W’

I hope this list of things beginning with ‘W’ has helped you as you teach your little ones the letters of the alphabet.

Learning should be fun, and with this ultimate list of items beginning with ‘W’ you’ll be sure to find plenty of ideas that work for you.

If you found this list helpful, be sure to share it with your friends or school colleagues.

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