Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids : Free Printables

Scavenger Hunts are a super fun activity for kids and a great way to help them learn. This collection of 7 Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids includes 6 FREE printables you can print off at home. Here I share my best Scavenger Hunts for the Beach, Backyard, Spring, the Alphabet, and learning Shapes, plus a fun Photo Scavenger Hunt.

These Scavenger Hunts are a great way to get your kids outdoors in the fresh air, or to help them learn something educational, like shapes and letters. This kind of learning-through-play activity is great for at home or in the classroom.

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Take a look at these fun options and check out the printables that interest you most! The Photo Scavenger Hunt is super affordable, while the others are all completely FREE.

Cover for Alphabet Scavenger Hunt PDF Printable free download indoor or outdoor

Alphabet Scavenger Hunts

Teaching your little one’s their letters? Why not give this fun Alphabet Scavenger Hunt a try? There are 3 different versions of it here to suit your needs. If your little one enjoys coloring in, pick the coloring option, if they prefer drawing, choose the drawing one.

You could either hide objects or pictures of objects beginning with these letters around your home or classroom, or you can challenge them to find items already in the environment. If they are struggling, you could allow them to find the last few items in books!

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Summer Scavenger Hunts

Looking for fun activities to fill those long summer days? Something fun for summer camp, your kids next playdate, or just for them to do while you get some work done? These Summer Scavenger Hunts are for you! Choose the beach or the backyard (or grab both!)

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Spring Scavenger Hunt

Once the lighter (and warmer) days start rolling in, it’s nice to get the kids back outside in the fresh air and using up some of that energy again! What better way to get them enjoying the great outdoors than with this lovely Spring Nature Hunt!

Cover image is a kids desk with toys on it and a framed picture of the Shape Hunt Printable in the centre.

Shape Scavenger Hunt

Is your little one learning their shapes just now? Looking for a fun way to teach them? If so, this Shapes Scavenger Hunt is for you! Encourage them to look for shapes in and around the home, classroom, or garden. Once they find them, they can draw them in the correct shape box. A fab learning activity for little ones who struggle to learn sitting still.

An image of my photo scavenger hunt printable for kids. It has the words photo scavenger hunt under a graphic of a pair of hands holding a camera phone thats taking a photo of a group of people. 25 unique challenges are written under that.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This Photo Scavenger Hunt has 25 fun and unique challenges for teams to complete. It would be perfect for summer camp, a birthday party game, or a summer break activity for siblings to do together.

You can grab this cool Photo Scavenger Hunt Printable from Etsy and then simply download the PDF and print off at home.

I hope you’ve found a few fun, free, Scavenger Hunt Printables that your little one’s will love! I plan to keep this post updated with new Scavenger Hunts whenever I add new ones to my site, so be sure to pin this post to keep an eye on it!