Alphabet Scavenger Hunt PDF Printable [FREE]

Teaching our kids their alphabet is a vital step in their educational journey. It’s also one of the first steps in teaching them to read. As a Mom and former childminder, I know how important and yet sometimes tedious this task can be. And that’s where these FREE Alphabet Scavenger Hunt PDF Printables come in!

I created them as a way to make learning the alphabet fun for preschool and early school-aged kids. Since every kid is different, I made 3 different types of Scavenger Hunt in the hopes of appealing to everyone!

Pin text reads, free printables alphabet activities and there is an image of the 3 alphabet scavenger hunt pdf printables that are available to download for free.

You can choose between the bright and colorful Alphabet Scavenger Hunt, the black and white version that provides an opportunity to color in the letters, and the drawing version.

Below, I have included photos of each one and a few ideas of how you can use them.

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Pin shows an alphabet scavenger hunt in color with a black banner across it saying free printable download.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt [Color Version]

Bright and Colorful, this Alphabet Scavenger Hunt aims to make learning letters fun and exciting! Using a scavenger hunt helps our kids connect the letters they are learning with real concrete items. It helps them see the relevance of their learning to everyday life.

TIP: Your kids can complete this independently, in pairs or small groups.

TIP: This can be done as an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt.

Pin shows an alphabet scavenger hunt printable with bubble writing letters to color in. A banner across the printable reads free printable download.

Color in Version

This color in version of the Scavenger Hunt is great if you have little one’s who just love coloring!

Coloring in the letters helps them to focus on each individual letter and therefore memorise what they look like quicker! As an added bonus, this one also saves you money on printing!

TIP: If you are using your Alphabet Scavenger Hunt PDF in a small space that doesn’t naturally contain items beginning with all the letters of the alphabet, you could add in some extra items yourself. This could be as simple as printing of some pictures of zebras, yoghurt, and umbrellas, and hiding them around the classroom!

Pin shows a draw what you find alphabet scavenger hunt printable pdf. It has a banner across it reading, free printable download.

Draw the Alphabet!

I created this drawing version of the Alphabet Scavenger Hunt for kids who are not yet writing and want to complete this activity without the help of an adult. It’s also great for kids who just love to draw!

TIP: If you are struggling to find items in your house, garden, or classroom you could expand the search to include things found in books too!

How to Get Your Alphabet Scavenger Hunt PDF

Getting your Alphabet Scavenger Hunt is super easy.

Click the pink button below and it will take you to the landing page for this freebie. Once you’ve entered your name and email, your FREE Printable can be sent straight to your inbox.

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