Fall Craft Ideas for Preschoolers : Easy, Fun, Low-Prep Activities

Looking for Fall craft ideas for Preschoolers that are simple for you, yet fun, interesting, and unique for them? I’ve got you covered!

These easy Fall Craft ideas mostly use items you’ll already have in your Preschoolers craft cupboard, or can easily find at your local dollar store or supermarket.

My Preschooler and I have really enjoyed making them all and learning about Fall colors and the season itself along the way.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

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An Image of a handmade Autumn necklace. A preschool craft.
Autumn Necklace: An Easy, DIY, Preschool Craft for Fall

Fall Necklace

How beautiful is this Fall necklace?

Not bad at all for a Preschool craft, right? I mean, they bring home some ‘interesting’ creations from Preschool sometimes, but this one is rather tasteful, I think.

It provides a nice bit of fine motor skills practice too as they thread that pasta onto their string!

To find out how to create this gorgeous Fall necklace check out, Autumn Necklace: An Easy, DIY, Preschool Craft for Fall.

A Teddy modeling an Autumn Leaf Headband, an easy preschooler activity for fall.
Autumn Leaf Headband: An Easy Preschooler Activity for Fall.

Fall Leaf Headband

How adorable is this Fall Leaf Headband?

If your Preschooler dreams of being a little Fall Princess or Fall Prince, you cannot skip this fun little craft!

Grab all the details to make it yourself on, Autumn Leaf Headband: A Fun and Easy Preschooler Activity

An easy and unique Preschool Craft for Autumn, Fall Shoes, worn by a Preschooler.
Autumn Shoes : A Unique Fall Craft for Preschool Kids

Fall Shoes

Aren’t these Fall shoes just adorable? They are most definitely unique, that’s for sure.

And how fun that once your Preschooler has finished making them, they can play dress-up in them too!

To find out how to make these beautiful, quirky, little shoes check out, Fall Shoes: A Fun Preschool Craft for Autumn.

Fall Tree Handprint Craft image.

Fall Tree Handprint Craft

Simple, yet effective, right?

This little Preschool Fall craft is just a brown handprint for the tree, with red, orange, and yellow finger-painted leaves. Add a sprinkling of gold and orange glitter at the end, if you wish.

It’s wonderfully simple and low-prep for you, the adult, and fun and engaging for your Preschooler. Win-win!

A tuff tray set up with an autumn leaf painting activity.
Leaf Printing is a lovely Autumn Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

Fall Leaf Prints

This is by far THE easiest of my Fall craft ideas to do with Preschoolers.

It’s just a case of giving them a bunch of Fall leaves, some paper, and some paint and letting them create what they want!

Simple, yet fun!

This makes a great last-minute Fall craft if you’re running out of time and energy, but want to do something special and Fall-related with your Preschoolers.

An image of 3 pinecones that have been painted, glittered and had googly eyes and pompoms stuck to them to make them into little bugs.

Fall Pinecone Bugs

These little pinecone bugs are just the cutest!

Best of all, they are easy to make and to personalize to taste.

Simply paint your pinecone a color of your choice, and add glitter if desired.

Then you add the googly eyes, pom pom nose, small cardboard feet, and/or a tail.

I love how easy and low-prep this craft is.

It’s just perfect to do with a group of kids as they need very little help creating this masterpiece!

The Best Fall Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

I hope you enjoyed browsing my collection of fab Fall craft ideas for Preschoolers. It was such fun creating this!

My hope is that you enjoy trying these crafts with your Preschoolers as much as I enjoyed doing them with mine.

Happy Fall!

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