Autumn Leaf Headband: A Fun and Easy Preschooler Activity

Are you looking for easy, low-prep, and budget-friendly Autumn craft ideas for your Preschooler? If so, this is for you! This fun Autumn Leaf Headband is a super-easy activity that your preschooler can make themselves (with some supervision, of course).

What better way to get your little ones interested in the seasons and nature, than to get hands-on, exploring leaves and becoming aware of autumn colors.

This also makes part of a great little costume, if your preschooler is in an Autumn play or needs a Forest-type costume. My daughter loves playing dress up so happily wears this around the house too.

This one is easy to adapt, as you can choose the autumn colors you use and whether to go on a leaf hunt to find fallen leaves for your headband or if you’re not near many trees, you can use the fake ones I’ve used below.

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What your Preschooler needs to make their Autumn Leaf Headband

An image of the items your preschooler needs to make a leaf headband. There's a pot of glue and a brush, a stapler, glitter, scissors, and leaves.
The items needed to make an Autumn Leaf Headband.

To make your Autumn Leaf Headband you will need:

  • Card (I chose Orange as it’s a nice Autumn colour, but you could have brown card from an old cereal box instead)
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush or Glue stick
  • Glitter (in an Autumn colour)
  • Fallen Autumn Leaves (I live in a place that’s a little short on trees, so I used fake leaves. like these from Amazon, I think they worked really well for this craft and they were very reasonably priced too!)

Instructions to make your Preschooler Autumn Leaf Headband

An image of a cardboard headband, stapler and scissors.

1. Make the Headband

Firstly, cut your card into strips to make the headband.

Then, use a stapler to fix the strips together.

Wrap the band around your Preschooler’s head to see where to place the final stapler so it fits well.

2. Add the Glitter

Next cover the band in glue. I used PVA glue and a brush to coat the band, as it has a smoother finish than a glue stick.

Then I sprinkled on the glitter liberally and gave it a gentle shake to get rid of the excess glitter.

3. Attach the Leaves

Lastly, the leaves.

I used these artificial leaves, like these from Amazon, for mine this time. However, it would work just as well with real fallen Autumn leaves.

I attached the leaves to the top of the headband using staples.

I found the PVA glue wasn’t strong enough to stick the fake leaves. I imagine real leaves would stick fine with the glue. Otherwise, you could try a stronger glue, if you don’t like the look of the staplers.

Personally, I don’t think the staplers are too obvious and it worked for a fun dress up outfit.

Using staplers also meant my little ones could play with their creation straight away, instead of having to wait for it to dry.

An Autumn Leaf Headband worn on someone's head. An Easy Preschooler Activity for Fall.
This Autumn Leaf Headband is such an easy and fun little craft for Preschoolers.

Autumn Leaf Headband Preschooler Activity

I have to admit, I’m not a hugely ‘crafty’ person. Don’t come to me for complicated, intricate, and beautiful crafts. That’s just not me. Unfortunately.

However, if you, like me, want to give your little ones the experience of creating and making their own crafts, the enjoyment of creating, and the pride of accomplishment, I can help. If you don’t mind some imperfections, and value the process more than the end product, we’ll get along well.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly, low-prep, and easy activities your preschooler will enjoy and learn from, check out some of my other activities and crafts below.

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