Things that Start with N (100+ Ideas)

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Easy Show and Tell Letter N Objects are at the top of the Household and Toys sections for ease, then the list moves onto Animals, Books, Clothing, Food, Countries, Body Parts, and things in Nature that Start with an N.

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Household Things that Start with an N

1. Notebook

2. Notepaper

3. Napkin

4. Napkin Ring

5. Nightlight

6. Newspaper

7. Novel

8. Neck Pillow

9. Nail Clippers

10. Nail File

11. Nail Polish

12. Nail Polish Remover

13. Nasal Spray

14. Nightstand

15. Nesting tables

16. Newspaper Rack

Toy Ideas for Show and Tell that Start with Letter N

17. Nemo

18. Ninja

19. Ninja Turtle

20. Night Ninja (Pj Masks)

21. Ninjago Toys

22. Nurse Toy / Costume

23. Needle (from kids play doctors kit)

24. Nutcracker

25. Necklace Making Kit

26. Name Puzzle

27. Number Puzzle

28. Number Magnets

29. Number Blocks

30. Neptune (Solar System set)

31. National Park Adventure Board Game

32. Nesting Dolls

33. Nativity set

34. Noah’s Ark

35. Nerf Ball

36. Nerf gun

37. Noodle (pool noodle)

38. Netball

39. Net

40. Nintendo

Animals Beginning with N

41. Narwhal

42. Naked Mole-Rat

43. Numbat

44. Nabarlek

45. Nightingale

46. Nightjar

47. Newt

48. Needlefish

49. Nurse Shark

50. Noodle Fish

Food that Starts with an N

51. Noodles

52. Nachos

53. Nectarine

54. Neep

55. Nutmeg

56. Nori

57. Nashi Pear

58. Nuts

59. Nougat

60. Nerds

61. New York Cheesecake

62. Neapolitan Ice Cream

63. Nutella

64. Naan Bread

65. Nigerian Fried Rice

66. Nasi Goreng (Popular Indonesian Dish)

67. Natto (Japanese dish)

68. Nuggets

Clothing Beginning with the Letter N

69. Nightie / Nightgown

70. Neck Tie

71. Necklace

72. Nappy

73. Net stockings

74. Nuns Habit

Body Parts Starting with an N

75. Neck

76. Nose

77. Nerve

78. Nails

79. Navel

80. Nipples

Things in Nature that Start with an N

81. Nettles

82. Nest

83. Nectarine Tree

84. Nutmeg

85. Northern White Pine

86. Needle Palm Tree

87. Namboca

88. Northern Red Oak

89. Nogal

90. Northern Hackberry

91. Norway Spruce

92. Natal Plum Tree

93. Narcissus (flower)

94. Nigella (flower)

95. Nerium (flower)

96. Nasturtium (flower)

Countries Beginning with N

97. Norway

98. New Zealand

99. Nigeria

100. Niger

101. Nepal

102. Nicaragua

103. The Netherlands

Kid’s Books for Letter N

104. No Matter What (Check it out on Amazon)

105. N is for Nessie A Scottish Alphabet for Kids (Check it out on Amazon)

106. Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea (Check it out on Amazon)

107. Never Feed a Yeti Spaghetti (Check it out on Amazon)

I hope you enjoyed this list of 100+ things that start with an N and found it helpful as you teach your Preschooler their alphabet.

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