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Easy Show and Tell Letter O Objects are at the top of the Household and Toys sections for ease, then the list moves onto Animals, Books, Clothing, Food, Countries, Body Parts, and things in Nature that Start with an O.

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Household Things that Start with an O

1. Oven Mitt

2. Ornament

3. Organizer

4. Opera Glasses

5. Orange Squeezer / Orange Juicer

6. Oboe

7. Oven Tray

8. Oar (for small paddle boat)

9. Ointment

10. Oil Painting

11. Oil Lamp

12. Oven

13. Office Chair

14. Office Desk

15. Oil

16. Ottoman

17. Oven Cleaner

18. Organ

Toys for Show and Tell Letter O

19. Olaf (from Frozen)

20. Oviraptor (dinosaur)

21. Octonauts

22. Owlette (PJ Masks)

23. Oval (from a shapes puzzle)

24. Octagon (from a shapes puzzle)

25. Optimus Prime

26. Officer Dress-up Costume

27. Operation Board Game

28. Origami Kit

29. O.M.G Fashion Dolls

30. Off-Road Truck

Animals Beginning with the Letter O

31. Opossum

32. Orangutan

33. Olive Baboon

34. Okapi

35. Ocelot

36. Oryx

37. Otter

38. Ostrich

39. Ox

40. Orca

41. Olive Python

42. Owl

43. Osprey

44. Ornate Hawk-Eagle

45. Oilbird

46. Oyster

47. Oscar Fish

48. Olm

49. Octopus

50. Oak Toad

51. Orb Weaver

Food that Starts with an O

52. Onion

53. Onion Rings

54. Olives

55. Olive Oil

56. Oranges

57. Oysters

58. Oregano

59. Omelette

60. Oats

61. Oatmeal

62. Oat Cakes

63. Oat Bars

64. Oxtail Soup

65. OXO cubes

66. Okra

67. Oblea

68. Onion Bhaji

69. Oat Milk

70. Orange Juice

71. Oolong Tea

72. Oreo

73. Opera Cake

Clothing Beginning with O

74. Overcoat

75. Overalls

76. Onesie

77. Orthopaedic Shoes

78. Open Toed Shoes

Body Parts that Start with O

79. Organs

80. Ovaries

81. Optic Nerve

Things in Nature that Start with an O

82. Oak Tree

83. Orange Tree

84. Olive Tree

85. Ostrich Fern Tree

86. Orchid

87. Oriental Lily

88. Oriental Poppy

89. Oyster Plant

90. Oxeye Daisy

91. Ohio Spiderwort

92. Orange Jasmine Tree

93. Oysterwood Tree

94. Oleaster Tree

95. Oleander Tree

96. Octopus Tree

97. Oregon Grape Tree

Countries that Begin with the Letter O

98. Oman

Book Ideas for Letter O

99. Otto the Book Bear (Check it out on Amazon)

100. The Octonauts and the Only Lonely Monster (Check it out on Amazon)

101. Dinosaur Flap! The Oviraptor (Check it out on Amazon)

102. Oi Frog! (Check it out on Amazon)

I hope you enjoyed this list of 100+ things that start with an O and found it helpful as you teach your Preschooler their alphabet.

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