Things that Start with an U (105+ Ideas)

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I’ve put the Easy Show and Tell Letter U Objects are at the top of the Household and Toys sections for ease if you’re in a hurry. Then the list moves onto Animals, Books, Clothing, Food, Countries, Body Parts, and things in Nature that Start with an U.

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Household Things that Start with an U

1. Utensils

2. Universal Remote

3. USB stick

4. USB Cable

5. Universal Charger

6. Utility Bill

7. United States Flag

8. Umbrella

9. Umbrella Holder

10. Urn

11. UV Lamp

12. Upholstered Chair

13. Urinal

14. Udu Drum

15. Utility Knife

Toys that Start with an U (Show and Tell Ideas)

16. UNO Game

17. Unicorn

18. UFO

19. Uranus (From a Space Model)

20. Umizoomi Toys

21. Upwords Board Game

22. Ursula (Little Mermaid)

23. Ugly Dolls

24. Ultimate Frisbee

25. USA Map

26. UK Map

27. Underwater Sea Creatures

28. Underwater Camera

29. Ukulele

30. Unicycle

Kid’s Book Ideas for Show and Tell Letter U

31. The Ugly Five (Check it out on Amazon)

32. Mr Uppity (A Mr Men Book) (Check it out on Amazon)

33. Sugarlump and the Unicorn (Check it out on Amazon)

34. The Ugly Duckling (Check it out on Amazon)

Animals Beginning with U

35. Umbrella Bird

36. Ural Owl

37. Upland Sandpiper (Bird)

38. Underwing Moth

39. Unicorn Fish

40. Urial (Species of Wild Sheep)

41. Uganda Kob (Type of Antelope)

42. Uakari (Primate)

43. Uinta Ground Squirrel

44. Ucayali Spiny Mouse

45. Uninta Chipmunk

46. Ultimate Shrew

47. Unau (Species of Sloth)

48. Unadorned Rock-Wallaby

49. Uromastyx (Lizard)

50. Urutu Snake

51. Urechis unicinctus (underwater worm)

Food that Starts with an U

52. Udon (Japanese Noodle)

53. Ukranian Rolls

54. Uszka (Polish Dumplings)

55. Umami Burgers

56. Urgelia Cheese

57. Unagi (Fish)

58. Ukha (Fish Soup)

59. Umble Pie

60. Urad Dal (Lentil)

61. Urchins

62. Upma (South Indian Dish)

63. Umbricelli Pasta

64. Ugali (African Porridge)

65. Usal (Indian Breakfast Dish)

66. Urfa Pepper Flakes

67. Utthappam (type of flatbread with topping)

68. Umibudo (edible seaweed)

69. Umbrella Fruit

70. Ube (Veg)

71. Usuma Fruit

72. Ugli Fruit

73. Umbu Fruit

74. Ugni Fruit

75. Ububese Fruit

76. Ulluco (Root Veg)

77. U-NO Bar (Chocolate bar)

78. Upside Down Cake

79. Utah Scones

Clothing Beginning with an U

80. Underwear

81. Uniform

82. Ugg Boots

83. Umbrella

84. Utility Belt

Body Parts that Begin with an U

85. Underarm

86. Urethra

87. Umbilical Cord

Things in Nature that Start with an U

88. Unicorn Plant

89. Ugli Fruit Tree

90. Urn Plant

91. Ursinia (Flower)

92. Ulex Minor (Plant)

93. Umbrella Plant

94. Umbrella Magnolia

95. Ulmaceae

96. Upas Tree

97. Ulmus Tree

Countries Beginning with the Letter U

98. Ukraine

99. Uruguay

100. United States of America

101. United Kingdom

102. Uzbekistan

103. Uganda

104. United Arab Emirates

Vehicles Beginning with U

105. Uber

106. U-Boat

107. Utility Vehicle

I hope you liked this list of 100+ things that start with an U and found it helpful as you teach your Preschooler their alphabet.

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The pin has text reading, 100+ objects that start with letter U. Background is white with colored letters sprinkled on it.