Things that Start with a Z (100+ Ideas)

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I’ve put the Easy Show and Tell Letter Z Objects are at the top of the Household and Toys sections for ease if you’re in a hurry. Then the list moves onto Animals, Books, Clothing, Food, Countries, Body Parts, and things in Nature that Start with a Z.

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Household Things that Start with a Z

1. Zipper

2. Zumba Fitness DVD

3. Zip Lock Bag

4. Zip Ties

5. Zinc Supplements

6. Zigzag Scissors

7. Zucchini spiraliser

Toys that Start with Z (Great for Show and Tell)

8. Zoo keeper / Zoo Playset

9. Zuma (Paw Patrol)

10. Zoe Zebra, Zaza, & Zuzu (Peppa Pig)

11. 64 Zoo Lane Toys

12. Zurg (Toy Story)

13. Zog Toy (Dragon from the Book ‘Zog’)

14. Zootopia Toys

15. Zazu (Lion King)

16. Zephie (Chuggington)

17. Zero (Number blocks, magnets, puzzle piece, stickers)

18. Letter Z (Alphabet Blocks, Puzzle piece, Stamps, magnets, stickers)

19. Zipwire

Kid’s Book Ideas for Letter Z

20. Zog (Check it out on Amazon)

21. The Zebra’s Great Escape (Check it out on Amazon)

22. Poo in the Zoo (Check it out on Amazon)

23. Zoom to the Moon (Check it out on Amazon)

Food Beginning with Z

24. Zapote (Fruit)

25. Zinfandel Grapes

26. Zigzag Fruit

27. Zha Cai (Vegetable)

28. Zest

29. Zucchini

30. Zampone (Italian Sausage)

31. Zwiebelrostbraten (Austrian Dish)

32. Zapiekanka (Polish Pizza)

33. Zoni (Japanese Soup)

34. Zuppa Toscana (Tuscan Soup)

35. Zarzuela (Spanish Dish)

36. Zongzi (Chinese Dish)

37. Zweibelkuchen (German Dish)

38. Zereshk Polo (Pursian Dish)

39. Zigeunersalat (German Salad)

40. Zucchini Fritters

41. Zurek (Polish Soup)

42. Za’atar (Herb)

43. Ziti (Pasta)

44. Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles)

45. Zizania (Rice)

46. Zander (Fish)

47. Zeppole (Pastry)

48. Zopf (Bread)

49. Zwieback (Toast-like Snack)

50. Zucchini Bread

51. Zebra Cake

52. Zingers (Cake / Candy)

53. Zuccotto (Desert)

54. Zaba (Bosnian Cake)

55. Zabaione al caffè (Italian Desert)

56. Zwetschkenknödel (German/Austrian Desert)

57. Zerde (Turkish Desert)

58. Zuppa Inglese (Italian Desert)

59. Zimtsterne (German Cookies)

60. Zabaglione (Italian Desert)

Animals that Start with Z

61. Zebra

62. Zonkey / Zedonk (Donkey / Zebra Mix)

63. Zebu (Cattle)

64. Zorro (Similar to a Wolf)

65. Zorse (Horse / Zebra Mix)

66. Zebra Duiker (Small Antelope)

67. Zokor (Rodent)

68. Zebra Tarantula

69. Zebra Spitting Cobra

70. Zorilla (Similar to a Skunk)

71. Zenaida Dove

72. Zebra Finch

73. Zapata Wren

74. Zebra Mussels

75. Zebra Shark

76. Zigzag Salamander

77. Zebrafish

78. Zebra Pleco

Clothes Beginning with Z

79. Zipped Jacket

80. Zoot Suit

81. Zucchetto (Skull Cap)

82. Zori (Footwear)

Body Parts that Begin with a Z

83. Zygomatic Bones

84. Zygomatic Arch

85. Zygomaticus Major

86. Zygomaticus Minor

87. Zona Pellucida

88. Zona Glomerulosa

89. Zona Fasciculata

90. Zona Reticularis

91. Zonula Adherens

92. Zonula Occludens

93. Zonula Fibres

94. Z-disk / Z-line

95. Zygapophyses Joint

Things in Nature that Start with a Z

96. Zamia Plant

97. Zebra Plant

98. Zanthoxylum (Plant)

99. Ziziphus Plant

100. Zenobia (Shrub)

101. Zygopetalum (Flower)

102. Zinnia (Flower)

103. Zelkova Tree

104. ZZ Plant

105. Zizania Plant

106. Zephyranthes (Flower)

Countries Beginning with Z

107. Zambia

108. Zimbabwe

Vehicles that Start with Z

109. Zeppelin (Airship)

I hope you liked this list of 100+ things that start with a Z and found it helpful as you teach your Preschooler their alphabet.

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The pin has text reading, 100 ideas. Show and tell letter Z. Background is white with colored letters sprinkled on it.
The pin has text reading, 100+ objects that start with letter Z. Background is white with colored letters sprinkled on it.