How to make the Best New Years Resolutions with your Family

Are you looking for some ideas for New Years Resolutions for 2024? Recently, as I was considering the year ahead, I began to think, wouldn’t it be nice to have some resolutions that we could do as a family? So that is how I came up with this list of the best family New Year’s Resolutions. It’s just a guide really, to give you ideas and get you started.

I have to admit, I am often a bit disorganised when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Christmas rather takes over. Once that’s finished, the days kind of run together until the kids are back to school. Then suddenly, it hits me that I haven’t made a New Years resolution and I quickly scramble around trying to find one.

This year I decided to do something a bit different. I thought it would be nice to make a couple of New Year’s resolutions as a family. So I had a think of some different resolution ideas and made this list. Then I gathered the family together around the kitchen table. We drank some hot chocolate, ate some homemade gingerbread and decided on two specific New Years Resolutions for our family. The kids had great fun doing it.

Once we had chosen our New Years resolutions for the family, we wrote them down and the kids added pictures. They have proudly hung them in the kitchen as a reminder. If you’re considering doing this with your family, I highly recommend it. It was a great family bonding time. I’ve written the following as suggestions. The idea is that you are doing them together as a team and it should help reinforce that sense of belonging in your family.

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A word of advice

I find it easier and nicer to have a list of a couple of things that are realistic and achievable to attempt. It’s also better for our family when we have ours written as things ‘to do’ rather than things to ‘stop doing’. So, for example, if one of them is, ‘no more hitting’ then that feels boring and pessimistic. Once one person has hit someone, then the resolution is broken. If the resolution is, ‘express how we feel to each other verbally when upset’, then each time someone does that we are succeeding! You will probably be able to see progress over the year. This is so motivating for you and your kids!

Being kind resolutions

This one could be as simple as everyone doing a random act of kindness each week during 2023. It could be doing something kind for a family member or it could be a random act of kindness each week. You could start volunteering somewhere as a family on a weekly, or monthly basis depending on your availability. As a family you might decide to spend 6 days volunteering as a family this year. This could include a days beach clean up, a day at a soup kitchen, or animal shelter, for example. It could be that your family will choose an item to donate to the food bank at each weekly shop this year. You might start a new family tradition where you say something encouraging to the person on your right at dinner each evening.

Time together resolutions

This is probably my favourite one. Family time is so important and so much fun! This could be about all eating together at the dining room table for one meal a day. You could do a fun activity together each weekend. It could be a little day trip once a month as a family. Perhaps, you could share a screen free meal, where phones are put aside, at dinner for example. It could be that you all make an effort to make it to each others events (sporting or performances). The idea is that you are spending more quality time together as a family for this resolution.

Saving money resolutions

This only really works if your children get pocket money and therefore have their ‘own money’. It also has to be agreed by everyone and not enforced. The idea is that you all agree to save a bit of your money each week/month and then plan what you will spend it on at the end of the year. It could be individual goals or everyone contributing 5% of their weekly income towards a fun day out for example. It’s great to get our kids started on saving money from a young age so its second nature when they become adults. Such an important life skill. It also teaches them delayed gratification which is another essential skill.

Trying new things resolutions

Trying new things can be hard for kids and adults alike. If your family struggles with new food or new experiences, then this could be a good one to get you all out of your comfort zone this year. You might decide that once a month your family will try a meal from a different country. It might be that you all try a new restaurant together or a new coffee shop. Your family could each try a new hobby in 2023. Lastly, each family member could choose a new activity that the family tries together at some point during the year. Whatever you choose, this is one intended to push you all out of your comfort zone.

Being brave resolutions

This is similar to trying new things, but is different in that it is focussed on facing your fears. Is there anything that your whole family are a little scared of? Any fears that you want to conquer together? Remember all the family have to be ok with it. If you’re all terrified of spiders but don’t want to face that fear this year, then just give it a pass! It could be that you each individually choose a way to do something that scares you this year and then cheer each other on. It could be something big that you work towards over the year. So, if a child wants to perform in a dance show at the end of next year, but feels too shy then they could make a plan to be progressively brave over the year. Perhaps they could start by performing for family, then extended family, then a few friends and eventually on stage. Your family can celebrate each step of progress along with them.

Meeting new people resolutions

This could be as simple as everyone trying to make one new friend this year. It might involve putting yourself out there more, or joining a new club or group. Perhaps it will mean being brave and striking up a conversation in the lunch hall or at school pick up. It’s great to work to improve our confidence and self-esteem. You can spend time together over the year sharing how your efforts paid off and cheering each other on.

Becoming more organised

If your family is a bit disorganised or continually late, and you all want to change this, then read on. If you’re mostly an organised family or you’re happily disorganised then skip this paragraph! For this resolution, you could all try to be early for the school run, or you could all commit to making your packed lunches the night before school. It could be that you decide to buy a family planner and commit to all writing down your activities so they’re not forgotten. (I, personally, love this Mom’s Manager Planner, from Amazon.) Perhaps you will all commit to getting ready 10 minutes early for events or setting out your clothes the night before, if mornings are always a rush. It’s completely up to you and your family.

Behaviour resolutions

This is obviously not the most fun category, so please feel free to skip it if you’d like. If you do decide to do one of these, remember, this has to apply to everyone. That includes the adults in the house! It cannot just be a thinly disguised behaviour modification attempt! They will see right through that, and besides it spoils the fun. It is also important, as with all the resolutions that it is chosen and decided on by everyone in the family. It is not about us, as the parents, dictating to the kids. Ideas for this one include things like; using indoor voices in the house more, listening to each others opinions, even if we disagree. It might be that you add one thing from this category that you think will really improve your family life if you all commit. My favourite one from this category is, we will apologise when we make a mistake or hurt someone’s feelings. There is always opportunity for a re-do in family.

New Years Resolutions for the family

Hopefully some of my suggestions have inspired you to create your own list of New Years resolutions for the family. I hope that you have fun creating them together and that they inspire your family to be a better version of itself. Most of all though, I hope you enjoy some fun-filled family bonding time. Family is so precious! I hope your year ahead is filled with loving family moments that outweigh everything else. Happy New Year!