Keep your family warm with these 10 affordable items

Are you looking for affordable ways to keep your family warm this winter, or perhaps the best gift for that person who is ALWAYS cold?

If so, check out this list of super cosy, yet inexpensive gifts.

If you’re really struggling financially, then its worth remembering that all of these items can be picked up even cheaper at second hand shops (thrift stories). If you’d like more ideas for saving money on clothes, check out 8 Smart Ways to Save Money on Kids Clothes Now. Most of the tips also apply for buying adult clothes too!

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Quality is important, but so is price!

Some of these items may seem obvious, while some of them are less so.

Remember though, not all slippers (for example) are created equal! There is huge variations out there in the quality, price and effectiveness of all these items.

I have tried to strike the balance between not spending a ridiculous amount of money on items, and therefore reducing the amount you save on heating, but also not recommending cheap tat that won’t actually keep you warm. That would just be money down the drain!

I hope that you find this list helpful as you work to keep your family warm this winter.

1. The BEST & Warmest Slippers

I’ve got this one first because I think it’s actually made the most difference to me.

It is so worth investing in a good pair of slippers if your feet are always cold.

My feet were always like blocks of ice, all the time! Since I got these slippers, from Amazon UK, they have not been cold once! (These slipper boots, from Amazon, are a good alternative if you’re from outside the UK.)

It’s actually amazing!

I also have to add that they are machine washable, which is always handy when you have kids, or just spill your tea a lot, like I do!

2. Wear-able Blanket

These WEARABLE BLANKETS, from Amazon, things are incredible!

Definitely a must-have to keep your family warm this winter.

There is a huge variation in price on these, depending on the brand you choose.

I, personally, found this one strikes the right balance, between being effective but not ridiculously expensive.

The choice of patterns with this one is fabulous too! There are so many fun prints to choose from, so you can really customise it to personal taste.

3. The COSIEST Dressing Gown

In some ways the wearable blanket has rather replaced the dressing gown, making them almost obsolete. However, I feel the humble dressing gown is not quite dead yet!

I mean, who gets out of the shower and puts on their blanket?

And of course, some will prefer the elegance and familiarity of the dressing gown compared to the over-sized, funny-shaped, giant blanket. Personally, I have gone for both!

If you’re looking for a cosy, yet cute, dressing gown, then you really can’t go wrong with this floor-length Dressing Gown, from Amazon. It feels so luxuriously soft and cosy.

4. The Most Snuggly Fleecy PJ’s

Thick, cosy PJ’s are not just for bedtime!

They are for cuddling up with your favourite movie and some chocolate on a cold winters evening. They are for lazy Sunday morning coffees, and those poorly days where you just want to feel warm and comforted.

I love these Super Fleecy PJS, from Amazon, the best. They’re top of my Christmas Wish List this year!

I especially love that the top can be worn as a jumper on a cold day, over the top of the rest of your clothes! Win!

5. Thermal Tights

If you’re looking for warm, cosy, comfortable tights that won’t break the bank, either to wear as they are for work or to layer up underneath jeans or joggers at home, then these tights, from Amazon, are for you.

They are brilliant and have definitely helped me to keep warm so far this winter.

I often wear them underneath my trousers if I’m just hanging out at home.

6. The Super Cosy Hot Water Bottle

My hot water bottle gets re-filled multiple times a day throughout winter. It is a must have for me!

Once I get cold, no amount of clothing or blankets will help, until I get a bit of heat to start warming me up.

I love to cuddle up with a hot water bottle for a movie night, and of course take one to bed with me every night! In fact, living in Scotland, I quite often have mine in bed with me in the summer months as well!

Personally, I love this hot water bottle, from Amazon, but there are so many options that you can personalise it to your taste in terms of colour and style.

7. A Reliable Thermos

A good reliable thermos can save you money on boiling the kettle and provide something to warm your hands up during the day!

It will also save you lots of money if you work outside the home as you save on coffee shop purchases!

From my research, I have found this thermos, from Amazon, to be the best all-round one.

Although it’s a little pricier than others, it holds 1.2 litres, significantly more than the majority that hold 500ml. It also keeps your drink, or soup, warm for 24 hours, the longest time I’ve seen on thermoses.

This one is also leak, spill, and spark-proof, so safe when you’re around your little ones, although supervision is still required.

8. Cosy, Snuggly, Soft Blankets

I love layering blankets on the beds in winter, and I find these blankets, from Amazon, are great for that.

You can add an extra one depending on how cold it is as you progress deeper into winter.

They wash really easily in the washing machine and are fairly cheap if you’re buying a few at a time.

They also feel lovely and soft which I find really comforting, especially when I am suffering from a winter cold or flu.

9. A Super Cosy and Stylish Hat

We all know that saying, you lose most of your heat through your head. Well if you’re feeling the cold, outside or inside, it’s probably worth popping on a hat to see if it helps a bit.

After all, it is probably one of the cheapest and most convenient things on this list.

I love this cosy hat, gloves and scarf set, from Amazon, as it has a thick fleecy lining inside to keep your head super cosy, whilst looking really cute too!

10. Cute Thermal Gloves

Cold fingers are no fun for anyone. With Raynaud’s syndrome myself, my fingers actually turn purple, and then white, when they get cold outside in the winter.

My fingers used to turn white in the winter, traveling by bus with normal gloves on.

Since my husband bought me these thermal gloves, my hands have stayed lovely and warm in the car and for a decent amount of time outside too.

These gloves, from Amazon, are the ones I have, and they really do keep my fingers warm for ages.

The same company, also makes thermal fingerless gloves (available on Amazon) that I have just bought for use inside when working at my laptop for long periods! Fingerless gloves are great for the inside as they keep you warm without stopping you from doing what you want.

Keep your family warm this winter

As the weather gets colder and we spend more time indoors, I hope you manage to find ways to keep yourself and your family warm.

I have found that these simple and affordable items go a long way to keeping in the heat.

If you’re looking for more ways to save money for your family, then check out my 8 Smart ways to save money on kid’s clothes now and my FREE eBook, Parenting on a Budget.

I wish you a cosy winter, and remember if you are really struggling, many of these items can be picked up from second hand shops (thrift stores) for a fraction of the cost!