Image text reads, 150+ fun and fulfilling hobbies for busy moms. Image of a mom swinging on a tyre swing.

Interesting Hobbies for Moms (150+ Ideas)

Looking for fun, interesting, and engaging Hobbies for Moms? Something just for you, to fill your time, and provide a little bit of much-needed self-care?

This list is for you!

With more than 150 ideas, you’re bound to find the perfect hobby to begin as a new Mom, Young Mom, Older Mom, or just plain worn-out Mama!

I do a bunch of these hobbies myself and find they really help me to relax and unwind, after a stressful day with the kids!

I hope your new hobby brings you great joy and rest as you spend some much-needed time on yourself in between all that Mom-ing!

Pin text reads, 150+ fun and fulfilling hobbies for busy moms. Image of a mom swinging on a tyre swing.

Cheap Hobbies for Moms

Often we put off starting a hobby because some hobbies can be so expensive and time-consuming. I had considered doing a separate category for cheap hobbies for moms, but well over half of this list of hobbies would have been in it! So many of them are cheap to start, or even free!

So, I have categorized them by theme instead.

Check out the type of hobby you’re interested in and you’ll see lots and lots of cheap hobbies within that category that you can try either for free (with online courses, YouTube or your local library), or very cheaply with just a few supplies.

Creative Hobbies for Moms

1. Knitting

2. Crocheting

3. Sewing

4. Embroidery

5. Tatting (Creating Lace)

6. Origami

7. Cross Stitch

8. Macrame

9. Beading

10. Woodwork

11. Wood Carving

12. Whittling

13. Leather Work

14. Glass Blowing

15. Glass Etching

16. Stained Glass Art

17. Screen Painting

18. Up-Cycling

19. Upholstery

20. Pottery

21. Sculpting

22. Creative Writing

23. Blogging

24. Joining a Drama Club (Acting)

25. Singing

26. Painting

27. Drawing

28. Interior Design

29. Decoupage

30. Felting

31. Weaving

32. Quilting

33. Patchwork

34. Basket Weaving

35. Wreath Making

36. Jewellery Making

37. Quilling

38. Parchment Craft

39. Book Binding

40. Making Bath Bombs

41. Photography

42. Digital Art

43. DIY

44. Song Writing

45. Thrifting (Looking for bargains at thrift stores)

Active Hobbies for Moms

46. Kickboxing

47. Karate

48. Martial Arts

49. Tai Chi

50. Fencing

51. Trampolining

52. Ballet

53. Tap Dance

54. Swing Dance

55. Ballroom Dance

56. Hip Hop Dancing

57. Ceilidh Dancing

58. Highland Dancing

59. Gymnastics

60. Football

61. Rugby

62. Golf

63. Archery

64. Tennis

65. Table Tennis

66. Badminton

67. Ultimate Frisbee

68. Go-Karting

69. Skiing

70. Sledging

71. Snowboarding

72. Jogging

73. Juggling

74. Rowing

75. Kayaking

76. Canoeing

77. White Water Rafting

78. Sailing

79. Roller Skating

80. Mountain Biking

81. Horse Riding

82. Surfing

83. Body Boarding

84. Paddle Boarding

85. Pilates

86. Zumba Dance Class

87. Paintballing

88. Quad Biking

89. Rock Climbing

90. Ice Climbing

91. Bouldering

92. Spelunking (Caving)

93. Yoga

94. Weight-lifting

95. Swimming

96. Octopush

97. Snorkelling

98. Cycling

99. Join an Athletics Club

100. Geocaching

101. Slacklining

102. Pickleball

Hobbies for Nature-Loving Moms

103. Nature Walks

104. Hiking

105. Bird Watching

106. Nature Identification (Identify plants you find)

107. Star Gazing

108. Flower Pressing

109. Volunteering for a Conservation Charity

110. Tree Planting

111. Gardening

112. Camping

113. Foraging

114. Mountaineering

115. Fishing

116. Bee Keeping

117. Willow Weaving

118. Collecting Seashells

Hobbies for Moms at Home

119. Reading

120. Listening to Music

121. Listening to Podcasts

122. Colouring in

123. Nail Art

124. Make-up Artistry

125. Aromatherapy

126. Calligraphy

127. Crosswords

128. Sudoku Puzzles

129. Cooking

130. Baking

131. Cake Decorating

132. Canning

133. Brewing

134. Wine-Making

135. Cheese-Making

136. Pizza-Making

137. Grilling

138. Puzzles

139. Journaling

140. Meditation

141. Playing Chess

142. Mixology (Cocktail Making)

143. Candle Making

144. Card Making

145. Soup Making

146. Scrap Booking

147. Flower Arranging

148. Enrol in an Online Learning Course

149. Learn a new instrument

150. Learn a new language

151. Playing Computer Games

152. Stamp Collecting

153. Playing Board Games

154. Cricut Crafts

155. Couponing

156. Video Gaming

I hope you found this massive list of Hobbies for Moms helpful as you consider what you’d like to try. Remember, there’s no harm in trying a few things out before you decide which one, or two, or three, hobbies are right for you!

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Pin text reads, 150 fun and interesting Mom Hobbies for stay at home moms. Image of a mom writing a list of mom hobbies in a journal.
Pin text reads, 150+ interesting hobbies for moms. Image of a notebook with the start of a list of mom hobbies.

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