Fun stocking fillers your kids will actually be excited about

This week I thought I’d finally finished my Christmas shopping for the year. I was actually mid-way through congratulating myself on getting it done earlier than usual. Then I suddenly realised that I’d completely forgotten all about the kids stockings! So I spent my Saturday morning trawling through Amazon looking for fun stocking fillers.

But, I didn’t just want the usual tat that ends up in them, like the sort you often bring home in kids party bags. I was looking for small gifts that they will actually enjoy and will spend time playing with.

Once I had found my favourites, I decided to compile them into this list, just in case there are any other mums (or dads) out there who have also left stocking presents until the last minute. Hopefully this list will give you some ideas and help you find some fun gifts for your kids stockings too.

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Crackle Baff

Crackle Baff is such fun! My kid’s LOVED playing with this one!

You can add it to your bath to make the bathwater change colour, and make popping and crackling sounds.

This is a great gift for the little scientist, or any child who loves a bit of sensory play. Its formula is vegan, safe for skin, non-staining and biodegradable.

If your child doesn’t like baths, then this can be used in a big bowl of water for water play sensory fun. I can guarantee my little ones will be putting in their little dinosaur toys and Peppa pigs to play with in this mixture!

Check out ‘Crackle Baff’ on Amazon

Magnetic Building Sticks

This is another fun toy that will keep your little ones entertained on Christmas morning.

A great gift for a wide range of ages, this open-ended toy can provide loads of opportunity for experiment and creativity. I have a feeling the kids uncles will be getting involved ‘helping’ the kids with this one!

Check out ‘Magnetic Building Sticks’ on Amazon

Glow in the dark Christmas Tattoos

These are such fun and suit a wide age range. Yes, they aren’t the most stylish things but, for whatever reason, kids love these temporary tattoos and the glow in the dark element is a bonus! I have a feeling we will all be covered in these by the end of Christmas day. Thank goodness they come off easily with soap and water!

Check out these ‘Glow in the Dark Tattoos’ on Amazon

Candy Cane Scented Gel Pens

Ok, so I know that pens may not be the most exciting gift out there, but if you’re looking to put a useful item in your kids stocking, then all kids need pens for school, right? And these are candy cane scented, making them extra special and a bit unique.

This is something fun that your kid can take into school after the holidays and talk about with friends while they are getting their work done. I have a feeling my kids are going to really enjoy these all year round too.

Check out ‘Candy Cane Scented Gel Pens’ on Amazon

Voice Changing Robot

I’ve bought this one for my son. What a cool gift it is!

This little robot also comes with batteries. Just what every parent wants to hear at Christmas time. Nothing worse than scrambling about looking for batteries on Christmas morning, right?

Your child can record their voice on this robot and then the robot changes the sound of their voice. Lots of fun and vaguely education too.

If you’re looking for fun stocking fillers, this is a must-have.

Check out this ‘Voice Changing Robot’ on Amazon

Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game

This game is such fun and works well for a large mix of ages! Toddlers and Great-Grandparents can all get involved with this game after Christmas dinner!

A fun, interesting, and entertaining stocking filler for your little one this year!

Check out this ‘Reindeer Antler Toss Game’ on Amazon

Fake Snow for Sensory Play

This looks so much fun. I mean, who doesn’t like snow? This is great for our kids who are often disappointed as we don’t awlways get snow here for Christmas day.

My kids absolutely love sensory play and snow so this will be a winner for them! It’s safe for skin and eco friendly, so nothing to feel guilty about at all.

Check out this ‘Fake Snow’ on Amazon

Mr Noisy and the Silent Night

What a lovely little story about Christmas. It explores the different preferences that people have when it comes to Christmas.

Mr Noisy enjoys the loud carolling and crackers going pop. Mr Quiet just wants to sit by the fire and listen to quiet music whilst being warm and cosy.

I always like to include a little book in my kids Christmas stockings each year. It’s great for them to be able to whip out that book to cosy up for a story at any point in the day when Christmas becomes overwhelming. If you or your kids sometimes get overwhelmed at Christmas, then check out my blog on making Christmas calmer.

Check out ‘Mr Noisy and the Very Silent Night’ on Amazon

Melting Snowman Hot Cocoa Kit

This is just the cutest! Hot chocolate has become such a Christmas tradition over the years, especially with a nice home-made gingerbread man. This is a great bonding gift too, as you can sit with your kid and enjoy a hot chocolate together.

Check this ‘Melting Snowman Hot Cocoa Kit’ out on Amazon

Christmas Scratch Art

This is fun and so easy to make. These are a great little activity for your little ones to be getting on with whilst you get the dinner on the table. Minimal supervision and lots of concentration required.

The perfect combo to keep them happy and engaged. This is another calming activity to help them slow down in the midst of all the excitement.

Check out this ‘Christmas Scratch Art’

Have a lovely Christmas

I hope you have been inspired by this list of fun stocking fillers and have a few more ideas for your kids stockings. Let me know in the comments section if you’ve bought any of these gifts for your little ones. I hope you and your little ones have a lovely Christmas when it comes and are able to spend quality time together.