Free Easter Games for Kids with Frugal Moms

Are you on the look-out for some Free Easter Games for your kids this spring break? If so, then you are in the right place. Of course, there are plenty of Easter games available for sale these days and many are sold at budget-friendly prices. If you’re interested, check out my top game picks in Non-edible Easter Gifts for Kids. However, if you want to go a step further with being frugal, keep reading for some super fun and completely FREE Easter games for kids.

These games are all low-prep for you as Mom and you can play with your kids, or they can play with each other, or with friends. They are super versatile and easy to adapt to different numbers of kids, different ages and the resources you have available in your home. Since these games include items that most of us frugal moms already have lying around our homes, they should cost you absolutely nothing, whilst delighting your little ones. Whilst these games are aimed at kids, they can be adapted to suit any age and most can even be enjoyed by teenagers and adults, if they’re up for a bit of a laugh!

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Easter Scavenger Hunt

This is such an easy one, and something that I used to create for my little brothers when I was growing up. I still love making these for my own kids. However, they do take a bit of time to create, especially if you want them to look nice. If you want to save some time and energy, then grab a copy of my FREE printable Spring Nature Hunt checklist. Simply click the link and enter your email address and I’ll email it right on over to you. Print it out and you’re good to go! I’ve used images on it, so it’s as inclusive as possible. These scavenger hunts are great fun and so versatile. Kids can do them individually, or in groups. They can be timed, or last all morning!

Easter Egg Assault course

You are definitely going to want a hard-boiled egg for this one! Get your kids to create a mini assault course for their eggs to complete. Then your kids can decorate and personalise their own eggs, before beginning the course. Contestants can compete in a traditional race, or use a stopwatch to time turns. This one shouldn’t involve a lot of input from you, mom, so go ahead and grab yourself a coffee, whilst your kids fire up their imaginations. This is a great one for a frugal mom as your kids can think creatively and use items from around the house to test the strength and endurance of their eggs!

Obstacle Course Egg and Spoon Race

This is a fun variation on the traditional egg and spoon race. Get your kids involved setting up an obstacle course that they can complete, all whilst trying not to drop their egg from their spoon. This can be done as a standard race, or you can time each contestant individually. The course can be altered and upgraded throughout the morning to keep it interesting. This is a great one to adapt to different settings too. If the weather’s good, then an outdoor obstacle course provides plenty of space for running and big obstacles. If the weather lets you down, then your kids can think creatively, using the space in the house, with stairs, cushions, chairs, blankets and limbo style activities that take up a little less room.

Last Egg Standing

Everyone has an egg, not hardboiled! The object of the game is to have the ‘last egg standing’. The contestants work together to create various daring challenges for their eggs to complete. This could be ‘flying’ out of a first floor window, rolling down a small hill, going for a ride in the front basket of the contestants bike, or getting across a small stream. The contestants then design ways for their eggs to tackle each challenge, without smashing. There are various methods they can use and they can agree the parameters of the competition together. This is all about creative problem solving and good old fashioned fun.

Easter Bingo

Bingo is a great game to play when the weathers bad and you can’t get outside. Let’s face it, in spring time, the weather is still not hugely dependable. It’s always handy to have an easy, low-prep game handy just in-case you end up having an unexpected, indoor day. You can of course design a Bingo game yourself or buy one. But if you fancy a ready-made Bingo that’s completely free, then check out my FREE Easter Bingo printable. Simply print it out, and you’re good to go! If you want to make it reusable so your kids can use it again each year, you can get it laminated and use wipeable markers. Alternatively, you can use counters or other discs that you have at home.

Easter Egg Bowling

This is just as it sounds. You can knock down big chocolate eggs, or plastic eggs, or little chicks, by rolling a (hard-boiled) egg towards them. You can increase the challenge level of this game by putting obstacles on the floor to roll around or in-between to reach the egg at the end. Alternatively, you could set it up like carpet bowls and put an egg, or chick, in the middle of the floor and take turns rolling your (numbered or uniquely-decorated) eggs towards them. The person with their egg the closest to the target wins!

Loop the Hoops on the Bunny Ears

Another simple, yet fun Easter part game is loop the hoops on the bunny ears. Someone wears a headband with pointy bunny ears on it. The others have to take turns trying to throw the hoops onto the bunny’s ears. This game can be bought from Amazon for a modest amount. However, it can also quite easily be made with simple craft supplies. Some old cardboard boxes can be used to cut out hoops and stiff bunny ears, and a cereal box, some scissors and staples can make a headband for the bunny ears to be stuck to. Alter the challenge level by throwing the hoops from different distances or heights. You could even have your ‘bunny’ do a little dance whilst contestants throw their hoops.

Free Easter Games for Kids

I hope this article has fired you up with lots of simple and free Easter games for your kids to enjoy over Spring break. If you would like some more family game ideas, then check out, The Best Inclusive Family Games to try now. The first 5 on the list are completely free and can be enjoyed at any time of the year.