3 Ocean Sensory Bin Ideas perfect for Preschool Ocean Activities

Celebrating World Oceans Day? Planning to cover the Ocean theme at Preschool this term? Or just wanting some fun Preschool Ocean Activities to do at home with your little one? Whatever your reason, you’ll love these fun, easy, low-prep, Ocean Sensory Bin Ideas I’ve come up with.

These activities include taste-safe options if your Preschooler pops things in their mouth whenever you turn your back! However, I would not recommend eating these in large quantities. A small lick or taste though won’t harm most kids.

Pin text reads, Easy Ocean Sensory Bin Ideas for Ocean Theme Preschool, and there are image of 3 of the ideas below. These include a dyed rice option, water play option, and edible jello option.

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Pin text says, Ocean Sensory Bin, ocean preschool activities easy and low-prep, and there is an image of a jello oceans sensory bin that is edible.

Ocean Sensory Bin with Jello

This Edible Ocean Sensory Bin is great for little one’s who love exploring their sense of taste while they play!

With blue jello for the Ocean and my easy Edible Sand Recipe, this one is quick to prep and so long as you set the jello the night before, you can set this sensory bin up in 5 minutes the next morning!

There are lots of lovely textures and smells to explore with this one too, as well as crunching sounds and slurping sounds! A full sensory experience for your little one as they learn about the ocean.

Pin text reads, DIY Ocean Sensory bin, easy ocean activities preschool sensory, and image is of blue water with rocks, boy figure, polar bear figure and penguin figures.

Ocean Water Play

This is hands-down the quickest and easiest of my Ocean Sensory Bin ideas!

I just added blue food coloring to water and dropped in some ice cubes to make the ocean. Then I added in some stones for the animals to stand on, and lastly I added some polar bears, penguin, and a little boy who was exploring! Later on, we added in sea creatures and a submarine too! My daughter absolutely loved playing in the garden with this one last summer!

For more water play activities, check out my Easy Water Play Collection here!

Pin text reads, Ocean sensory bin, ocean activities preschool and the image shows a dyed rice sensory bin with yellow rice for sand and blue for sea water and some toy animal figures in it.

Rice Beach Sensory Bin

Looking for an Ocean Sensory play idea that can be easily swept up at the end of the day with minimal mess? An activity where you don’t have to worry about sticky fingers getting on your furniture? This dyed rice sensory bin is for you!

Simply dye the rice the night before ,and then set it up in 5 minutes in the morning.

To dye the rice, I just mixed a few drops of food coloring in a mixing jug with the rice. If it wasn’t quite covering all the rice, I added a drop of water to the mixture. Then I spread the rice out on a sheet of baking parchment on top of a baking tray and left it to dry overnight. Super simple!

I hope my Preschool Ocean Sensory Bin ideas have given you lots of inspiration as you set out to make your own! Make sure to pin this post as I plan to keep adding to it as I create more Ocean Sensory Play!