Free Fall Coloring Pages for Kids

As the weather starts to turn in Fall, its always handy to have some fun indoor activities up your sleeve. My kids have always loved coloring in and so did the little toddlers I childminded. So, I’ve designed these cute, Free Fall Coloring Pages for Kids with both mine and your kids in mind!

The designs are varied to suit taste, age, and ability whilst all incorporating a Fall theme. Lots of opportunity to practice those fine motor skills, whilst have fun!

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Fall Coloring Sheets

I printed these out this evening and left them on the kitchen table while I made tea. Mid-way through cooking, I glanced over to see my 8 year old happily coloring away! So hopefully they are just as much a hit with your little one’s too!

There are a few ways you can decorate these, in addition to the traditional coloring with pens, crayons, and pencils. Why not try painting them? We love these fun water-based paints, from Amazon.

My daughter also got these fun paint sticks, from Amazon, as a gift recently and she LOVES them! They would be perfect for little hands!

Image shows some glue, fall colored tissue paper squares and a picture of a scarecrow with the words happy fall on the sheet and some scrunched up tissue paper stuck on it for a fall collage.

Fall Collage

You could also use these designs as a background to a tissue paper collage with some lovely Fall colors. This is a nice easy Fall Craft for Toddlers right up to school-aged kids. We use these tissue paper squares, from Amazon, as they offer lots of different shades of each color.

An image of a fun fall card craft using one of the free coloring pages for kids.

Fall Greetings Card

Alternatively, you could print them out half the size and use them to make pretty Fall Greetings Cards. We printed the designs two to a page, colored them in, cut them out, and then glued them onto some Fall Colored Card. It provided lots of fun, fall-themed, fine motor skills practice!

Images of all the Free Fall Coloring Pages for Kids

I have created 5 unique Fall Coloring Pages in the hopes that there will be options to suit different tastes, abilities, and ages here. Take a look at the photos below and then hit the big pink button underneath to download them.

Image of one of my free fall coloring pages for kids has the words happy fall in bubble writing and an image of a farmer with a basket full of fall vegetables.
Image of a free fall coloring pages for kids shows 3 gnomes holding fall items and fall leaves all around them with a little note on the side saying free pdf.
Words saying happy fall in bubble writing and an image of a pumpkin pie and fall leaves around it. A little note reading, free pdf attached to side of picture.
Image of fall leaves background with big bubble writing reading, Fall, and a small tab saying free pdf.
Image of a scarecrow to color and bubble writing reading, happy fall. A little note attached to bottom of coloring sheet says, free pdf.

How to Get Your FREE Fall Coloring Sheets

To grab your coloring sheets, simply click on the big pink button below. This will take you to a confirmation page, where you’ll be asked for your name and email. The link to the PDF file with the coloring pages will then be sent to your email immediately ready to download.

Your little one will be happily coloring them in within 5 minutes!

To make sure they come out looking their best, make sure to select the option to ‘fit to printable area’ on your printers advanced settings.

I really hope your little one’s enjoy coloring in and decorating these cute, Fall Coloring Pages as much as my kids did!

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