Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

Are you looking to create a gorgeous, fun-filled, Easter basket for your little one? Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Preschoolers has you covered.

An Easter basket is such a cute gift idea and your preschooler will just love rooting through their basket, bag or Easter box to discover all the little gifts within.

It’s not always easy to know where to start with an Easter basket, so I have put together this list to give you ideas and suggestions for the most adorable, fun and practical gifts out there. Whilst compiling this list, I tried to think like I do when shopping for Christmas stocking fillers, but with an Easter twist!

I hope you find inspiration here and are able to create a beautiful Easter basket for your little one.

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The Easter Basket

This lovely Sequined Easter Basket, from Amazon, is a great option to use for your Kids Easter Basket. Strong and durable it can be refilled each year and used for Easter Egg Hunts too!

Alternatively you could go for an actual basket, or a personalised bag, like this gorgeous one from Amazon, pictured below. How cute is that! It can be personalised by colour, as well as name. A truly unique little gift for your little one.

A cute Easter Storage bin, like this one from Amazon, is another way to go. With a beautiful picture of a bunny, some eggs and chicks, it can be used to store their Easter toys and books in all year round.

The Best Books for your Easter Basket

Books are brilliant and a visually appealing Easter book makes a great addition to any Easter basket.

Check out these top picks below, and if you are in need of any more ideas, then head to Easter Books for Toddlers: The best available now and Easter Books for 4-7 years olds: The best options.

Peter Rabbit and the Great Easter Egg Hunt is a lovely little keepsake for any pre-schooler. Lift the flaps to help Peter find the Easter Eggs on each page and practice your counting as you go.

A fun Easter book, with beautiful, detailed illustrations to capture the imagination of your little one.

Check out ‘Peter Rabbit and the Great Easter Egg Hunt’ on Amazon.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Easter Sticker and Colouring Book would look lovely in any Easter basket. With pages for colouring, and stickers to add, this activity book will keep your little one engaged and learning in a fun way.

Check out ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar Easter Sticker and Colouring Book’ on Amazon.

Everyone loves the classic, Poppy and Sam at Apple Tree Farm stories.

They’ve been popular for years, and I can remember curling up with my own parents, as a young child, and having these stories read to me. My own kids, nieces and nephews, also love the Poppy and Sam series and will often choose them as bedtime books.

Poppy and Sam’s Easter Egg Hunt has interactive sections, where your preschooler can trace paths with their finger, preparing them for writing later on. Educational and fun!

Check out ‘ Poppy and Sam’s Easter Egg Hunt’ on Amazon.

This cute, little, lift-the-flap book tells the Christian Easter Story in an easy to understand way for 2-4 year olds. A lovely board book to engage your preschooler in the Easter Story.

A perfect little addition to your Easter basket.

Check out ‘Lift the Flap Easter Stories for Little Children’ on Amazon.

The Best Games and Puzzles for your Easter Basket

This gorgeous Easter Bunny Floor Puzzle, from Amazon. is a great addition to any Easter basket for preschoolers.

Keep your little one engaged practicing colour recognition and fine motor skills, all whilst playing and having fun!

Another great addition to any preschoolers Easter Basket is this beautiful FREE Spring Nature Hunt Checklist and Easter Bingo Game. You can grab your copy, simply by following the link and entering your email address. The FREE printable will be sent straight to your inbox.

The Nature Hunt is a great activity to get your little one outside, exploring nature and learning about the world around them. With pictures on the checklist, instead of words, the Nature Hunt can be completed independently or as a group activity. The Easter Bingo Game is a great one to keep for those rainy spring days when you can’t get outside.

Bunny Hop, from Amazon, is the perfect game to pop in your preschoolers Easter gift basket.

A fun, noisy memory game that will help your little one with colour recognition.

The Best Toys for your Preschoolers Easter Basket

If you’re looking for a fun, educational Easter gift that can be enjoyed all year round, then this Matching Egg Set, from Amazon, is a great option.

Not only does is have 12 shapes inside the eggs for your little one to match, but it also helps with shape recognition and colour recognition, as well as developing fine motor skills. The eggs can be drawn on and decorated by your child, adding in the element of creativity and personalisation, as well as further fine motor skill practice.

A fun and interesting learning gift for your little one.

If your little one is a fan of dressing up, then this Easter Bunny Onesie, from Amazon, is perfect for them! In my humble opinion, it is just downright adorable!

Soft and fluffy, it’s comfy to wear and super easy to get on and off by themselves.

It would also make for a super cute photo!

The Best Activities for your Preschool Easter Basket

Is your little one a budding artist or into crafts and creating beautiful things? If so, this Easter Scratch Art Craft kit, from Amazon, is the perfect addition to their Easter basket. Hours of fun and entertainment to be had designing these egg and chick decorations.

For a little something that’s just for fun and a bit unique, how about these Easter Tattoos that glow in the dark, from Amazon? Just a little something different to share with their friends.

I’m not quite sure why, but these go down an absolute treat at kids parties, for a wide age range. It must be the novelty factor!

Another great little addition to that special Easter basket, is stickers. But not just any stickers! These Easter Puffy Stickers, from Amazon, are bright, interesting and easy peel for your little one who is still developing their fine motor skills.

Let their imaginations run wild, with these stickers and all the possibilities of creations. My little girl will spend ages with her puffy stickers, and some paper, or a cardboard box to decorate. They end up everywhere, but she has so much fun!

Lastly, I want to share these cool Surprise Egg Bath Bombs with you. If your kids are anything like mine, then they will absolutely love playing with bath bombs in the bath!

These are super fun colors, with a cute toy to find in each one!

Fun Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

I hope that this article has helped you find the perfect Easter basket, bag or box for you little one, and given you loads of Easter basket gift ideas for your Preschoolers.

There are so many fun, interesting, educational and just downright adorable Easter gifts out there.

If you’re looking for further Easter book recommendations, then be sure to check out, Easter Books for 4-7 years olds: The best options and Easter Books for Toddlers: The best available now for more ideas.

Hopefully you have had as much fun choosing gifts for your precious preschooler as I have writing this. Happy Easter when it comes!